Watch Miley Cyrus' 8D concert 'Miley in Layers' for free

Editor's note: "Miley in Layers" is part of Magnum's #ShowYourLayers campaign which features Miley Cyrus as their ambassador. Below is Magnum's press release.

Magnum ice cream, the world’s authority on pleasure, has today announced its latest campaign "Miley In Layers," a collaboration with multi-platinum selling recording artist, songwriter, and trailblazer Miley Cyrus. 

On June 10, for the first time ever, Cyrus will perform a very special virtual concert mastered in 8D sound to show the world that pleasure has more than one layer. The live performance will feature hits from her recent album Plastic Hearts as well as an exclusive cover of the 80’s hit "Midas Touch" by Midnight Star, remastered as "Miley’s Touch."

With a long way to go before the pleasure of in-person live performance returns, the immersive 8D sound technology creates the sensation that Cyrus is live in the room with you, when played through a set of headphones. The multi-layered sound experience will be available to watch via YouTube, offering fans all over the world a moment to indulge in the universal pleasure of music.

Magnum has always believed that a day without pleasure is a day lost and that we should all be able to express the different layers of our pleasure. As an advocate for individuality and self-expression, Cyrus shares the belief that everyone should be able to pursue what brings them true pleasure, embrace the many layers that make them unique, and proudly share these with the world. 

Talking about her collaboration with Magnum, Cyrus said: “The greatest super-power we have is our individuality. As I’ve evolved as an artist, I’ve been able to explore the different layers of who I am and what brings me pleasure -- whether I’m writing, in the studio, performing on stage for thousands of fans, or wearing something that makes me feel empowered. My biggest pleasure in life is music and I’m so excited to be performing in 8D for you all. I hope this campaign with Magnum inspires everyone to embrace their own layers and proudly go after whatever it is that brings them pleasure.”

For "Miley In Layers," Magnum and Cyrus collaborated with US fashion photographer Vijat Mohindra, to bring the campaign message to life. Shot in central LA, she posed for a set of striking stills featuring the original Magnum Classic ice cream bar. Alongside the '90s nostalgia-inspired set of black and white stills, which explored Cyrus' multi-layered persona, Mohindra also captured the megastar expressing her ultimate pleasure in an exclusive performance mastered in 8D.

The "Miley In Layers" concert will stream via on Friday, June 11 at 2:30 am, Manila time. The performance will be available until June 17.

Learn more about the #ShowYourLayers campaign and view the campaign teaser and stills on Magnum’s Instagram channel (@Magnum) and website –


A brand that firmly believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost, Magnum has become renowned for pleasure and ice cream decadence all around the world. With its expertly crafted smooth vanilla ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate, Magnum stays faithful to its claim of true indulgence.