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vivo V21 drops price to equip the influencer in you

vivo V21 drops price to equip the influencer in you

PRICE DROP. A visually-stunning social media feed is now possible with the amazing camera features packed in the vivo V21 5G, now at a lower price of P21,999.

It's now available in all vivo kiosks and stores at a discounted price of P21,999

Editor’s note: The vivo V21 5G incorporates a 64 MP rear camera and a 44 MP front camera, as well as 8 GB RAM and an additional 3 GB virtual storage. It is also available in installments of 6, 9, 12, and 18 months. Below is their press release.

In this highly visual world, there is something enjoyable and entertaining scrolling through social media and seeing people’s quick life updates, at the same time sharing a piece of your life that can let your friends know what you’ve been up to even if you haven’t talked for a while.

So while people are still limited to screens and virtual spaces, sharing snaps of our daily events is a good way to bring ourselves closer to the ones we love.

With this in mind, vivo a leading global smartphone brand brings an ultra-sleek, stylish phone that fits people’s digital lifestyles through its V21 series.

Paving the way for top-quality content, the vivo V21 incorporates a 64 MP rear camera and a 44 MP front camera with an optical image stabilizer (OIS). These features allow one to shoot ‘Gram-worthy photos and videos every time, even in dimly-lit settings. Its advanced camera features let the smallest details of subjects come into view. This way, quality remains top-notch whether one shoots a video or a selfie.

It’s also a part of many people’s daily routine to constantly check multiple apps from time to time. Some do their usual rounds on social media apps to watch fun videos, do online shopping, play video games, or keep in touch with friends, which is why having a smartphone that can run fast is essential.

The vivo V21 is built with 8 GB RAM and an additional 3 GB virtual storage. This means that the phone has ample space to store multiple apps’ data while they run in the background. Ever scrolled through your phone and then suddenly it keeps crashing? A low RAM may be the reason why. But with vivo bringing in the virtual RAM technology into the V21, users can switch between apps smoothly without phone lags.

Apart from all these features, vivo makes the V21 series even more exciting being its thinnest phone so far. People can let out their creative and productive sides with this 7.29 mm thin phone, which is a perfect companion for their mirror selfies and everyday activities.

The vivo V21e is priced at P16,999. The V21 5G is now at P21,999 from its original price of PHP 23,999. The vivo V21 5G, with the new price, is also available in installment of 6, 9, 12, and 18 months. For more info, check out for vivo V21e and for the V21 5G.

Life experiences can be convoluted at the moment but our genuine connections don’t have to be. Through online mediums, people express themselves, interact, and let their friends know that they’re still here. Let vivo bring you closer by creating content that is personal to you. 

The V21 series is available in all vivo kiosks and stores, as well as online at Lazada and Shopee. Know more about the products by following vivo’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. –