What makes you feel Pinoy pride?

What makes you feel Pinoy pride?
As we close Buwan ng Wika, here are a few reasons to celebrate Pinoy pride – unironically

MANILA, Philippines – These days, it feels like “Pinoy pride” has been relegated to nothing more than a meme.

What with the inefficiencies and indignities – hello, traffic – Filipinos suffer each day, we are admittedly left with nothing much to be proud of. Or so we believe. 

We grasp at Pinoys – or anyone with just a drop of Pinoy blood, really – making it in the international scene. While this may in part be due to our spirit of bayanihan, with which we root for and support one of our own, it’s also arguably because since we have no innate pride as a nation, we seek validation elsewhere. 

For all that, however, we have other reasons to be genuinely proud of our country and countrymen. 

Our beautiful country

No doubt that the development of our urban areas leave much to be desired, as Claire Danes put it in not-so-euphemized terms. But it’s also true that the beauty of the El Nido sunset is one gorgeous sight. 

Going on a vacation? Look no further than home sweet home. 

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Top-notch local products

It wasn’t easy for local entrepreneurs to invest in research for potential industries – thus, the idea that local products and services were subpar compared to foreign ones. 

Happy Skin, a cosmetics brand, and Loudbasstard, which sells handmade amplifiers, are just two examples of brands who have proven this wrong. They’re now able to make high-quality and award-winning products available to the local public.

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Filipinos helping other Filipinos

Hustling day in and day out in a third-world country is hard enough as it is. But plenty of local social entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to help those who have a harder lot in life. 

Human Nature, a beauty and skincare brand, simultaneously helps the environment and farming communities. Their products are made of natural ingredients farmed by poor communities. It’s one of the most successful social enterprises in the Philippines. 

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Bayani Brew, a beverage brand which offers uniquely Pinoy flavors such as sweet potato leaves, also uses local ingredients sourced from organic farming communities, such as the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. 

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For all our struggles as a nation, there are still a lot of things we can take pride in. What are you proud of as a Filipino? – Rappler.com

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