How the way we travel has changed
How the way we travel has changed
There’s an emphasis on enriching, immersive experiences

MANILA, Philippines – Travel has evolved from the standard sun and sand vacations during the holidays, if the DIY travel trend is anything to go by. 

Because for this generation passionate about travel, it isn’t necessarily about relaxation. It’s about the immersion.

For all the bad rap millennials and Gen Zers get about being glued to their gadgets, they’re actually the ones getting off their couch and traveling as we speak. 

In fact, it’s all thanks to the internet that they’re able to do so. Their exposure to different destinations on social media has fostered their fascination with the world, and given them access to tips and hacks from seasoned travelers. 

Thanks to them, travel has boomed into a multibillion-dollar industry. 

This passion for travel has evolved in recent years, intersecting with other advocacies and interests. Standard vacations have taken a backseat to more meaningful experiences. 

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A lot of tourists often leave places worse than when they first arrive – they litter and consume resources thoughtlessly. 

But with sustainable tours, travelers are able to give back to nature and help out communities. Travel shouldn’t come at the cost of disrespecting the place you’re merely visiting. 

What’s so fun about visiting a tourist trap crammed with strangers? Instead, today’s young travelers prefer authenticity – getting to experience their destination as the locals do.

It’s not just about admiring the beauty or exoticity of a place. Experiential travel is about actively engaging with the culture, people, and history. 

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Aside from enriching their cultural outlook, this generation is also all about self-care, which is why the wellness tourism is growing so rapidly.

Leave the city and its stressors – as well as your cigarettes and alcohol – behind. Wellness travel is all about natural immersion and restoration, through healthy meals, yoga sessions, and meditation. 

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