The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere
The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere
These days, leggings don’t just belong to the gym

MANILA, Philippines – When it came to fashion trends, you used to have to choose between looking good in the clothes and actually feeling good wearing them. 

Enter athleisure – an amalgamation of athletic and leisure – a trend which combines the best of both worlds. 

The essentials of athleisure, including yoga pants, sports bras, hoodies, joggers, and sneakers, make you look like you’re heading straight to the gym – even if you’re really out to get your fast food fix.

It wasn’t just streetwear enthusiasts and sportswear brands who embraced the trend. Designers took athleisure to the runways. Even Vogue declared athleisure to be the “new uniform” back in 2014

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Contrary to other trends which tend to fall out of favor after a season or two, athleisure hasn’t gone anywhere, five years into its reign. There are still athleisure-themed collections dropping new picks. Global activewear sales is projected to increase up to 2020

What turned athleisure into such a fashion mainstay? 

For the particularly health-conscious millennials and Gen Zers, fitness isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. 

This obsession with fitness can be credited to widely available information about obesity rates and health risks. A driving force may also be the need to flex – literally and figuratively – on social media, which led to the ubiquity of fitness-centric ‘grams. All this means fitness has gone beyond gym memberships, and ended up in closets. 

Nowadays, it’s also common for young professionals to be juggling different interests, even careers. Which means they want to be as comfortable as possible while constantly on the go. 

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The good news is, your leggings and hoodies have long outgrown their reputation as sloppy wear – and seems like they’re here to stay. –