Trends from Fashion Week that are probably already in your closet

Isabel Salvosa
Trends from Fashion Week that are probably already in your closet
You won’t have to break the bank to stay in style

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You know what they say – fashions fade, but style remains eternal. 

But while discerning taste and a bit of je ne sais quoi certainly makes for timeless style, arguably, trends don’t stay dead – they tend to come and go, then come back. 

Even the most cringe-worthy trends make comebacks after a generation or two – hello, padded blazers from the 80s and dad shoes from the 90s. 

Maybe most fashions don’t really fade after all? 

An article from Newsweek published as recently as 2009 claims that 90s fashions were in vogue then – which, 10 years later, is also true. 

If you check out a few looks from the past month’s Fashion Week runways – which took place in New York, London, Milan, and Paris – you can see fashion is indeed cyclical. Maybe you even have some pieces still in your closet!

Chanel’s schoolgirl plaid 

Structured minidresses and skirts, belted blazers, and opaque tights, all in shades of black, red, white, and pink – it’s very easy to imagine 90s fashion icon Cher Horowitz rocking all the outfits. Get a similar look here.

Marques Almeida’s grungy prints

Remember all the ~edgy~ statement and band tees everyone rocked during the respective heydays of grunge and emo? This dark, print-heavy collection brings back that same energy. Angst, but make it fashion. Get a similar look here

Carolina Herrera’s bold polka dots

I mean, do polka dots ever even go out of style? Vintage versions of the print tended to be more on the subtle side, but these bold ones aren’t for the faint of heart. Get a similar look here

Jeremy Scott’s 80s aesthetic

This isn’t Kiss meets My Little Pony, although it certainly looks like it. This collection brings back all the wackiness of the 80s – bejewelled fringe, neon animal prints, and daring fabric cuts. Get a similar look here

History tends to repeat itself, and it seems like fashions do the same. What’s your favorite retro trend? We just might see it come back in a couple of years. –