Classic Pinoy dessert recipes you can make at home

Winona Sigue
Classic Pinoy dessert recipes you can make at home
Take a bite into nostalgia and celebrate Filipino culture with these sweet treats

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It’s no secret that most Filipinos have a sweet tooth. During special occasions, every meal is punctuated with a yummy dessert. We even have a Tagalog word for it: panghimagas. No matter how old we get, we can’t help but crave and get excited over our favorite treats as a child.

Fortunately, most of the Pinoy desserts we grew up eating are still sold in the market, while some are peddled on the streets. If you have the time, you can recreate these desserts at home using Nestlé All Purpose Cream  – a special ingredient that can make any dish richer and creamier. The versatility of Nestlé All Purpose Cream allows you to experiment and make a variety of yummy desserts in no time. No fancy skills needed! 

So the next time your family asks you for  dessert, here’s a list of recipes you can whip up to satisfy their sweet cravings. Don’t worry, these recipes are budget-friendly and easy to make. 

Creamy Biko

Let’s start with biko – the classic Filipino merienda made with sticky rice and coconut milk. It used to be our go-to snack after school and even after Sunday mass. I mean, who doesn’t love the golden brown coconut curd crawling on top? It’s an all-time favorite, especially for kids. For a good dose of the curd, try adding Nestlé All Purpose Cream to the coconut cream to make your homemade biko more special and delicious down to the last bite. 

Creamy Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

Here’s another fun dessert to enjoy with the whole family. Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, also known as Minatamis na Bilo-Bilo in some provinces, is a rich concoction of sticky rice balls, langka, saging na saba, sago, and kamote (jackfruit, saba banana, tapioca, and sweet potato).

While we love munching on the soft, glutinous rice balls, we can’t help but slurp the sauce made with coconut cream as well – definitely a plus if it’s creamier! You can also add a cup of diced ube (purple yam) if you want to achieve a dessert with a pretty purple color.

Mango Tapioca Drink

When you’re looking for something to freshen up your day, you can’t go wrong with a glass of mango tapioca. With the natural sweetness coming from mangoes and the generous amount of sago, it’s a beverage both kids and adults will enjoy. Thanks to Nestlé All Purpose Cream, it’s creamier than ever, making everyone want to reach for another drink.

Buko Pandan Ice Drops

If you love buko pandan, you’ll fall in love with these ice drops. It’s a simple recipe with a dreamy taste! Plus it has the nostalgic flavor of condensed milk that takes you back to your childhood memories.

Creamy Mais Con Yelo

When it comes to mais con yelo, the creamier the better. Now, no one will stop you from putting those extra all purpose cream and condensed milk into your cup. All set for dinner? Make sure to surprise your family with this staple Pinoy dessert to end your sumptuous meal on a sweet note.  

The fun doesn’t stop here. Add your own twists to your favorite childhood desserts with Nestlé All Purpose Cream! Take a bite into nostalgia, rediscover your favorite desserts, and celebrate Filipino culture with our beloved delicacies. – Rappler.com

Delight your family with more Filipino desserts ideas and take your homemade cooking to the next level with these recipes! Buy Nestlé All Purpose Cream 125ml on Shopee for only P35.

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