CopperMask by JC wins 2022 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand award

CopperMask by JC wins 2022 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand award
In 2021, CopperMask has collaborated with various organizations, including the Miss Universe Philippines

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Keeping true to its identity of being stylish and safe, CopperMask, the safest mask of JC, was awarded one of the Philippines’ Most Trusted Brands in 2022. 

The Trusted Brands survey, commissioned by Reader’s Digest, identifies which brands Filipinos trust the most and provides an objective reference for consumers. It has a long-established reputation as the premier measure of brand trust in the Philippines and worldwide. 

Conducted by Catalyst Research, an independent market research company, the survey provides a precise analysis of consumer confidence in the brands driving the Philippines economy. 

Sheron White from the Group Advertising & Retail Director of Reader’s Digest informed the winners through a letter stating that “the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing change, and the winners of the Philippines’ Most Trusted Brands are those brands that local consumers recognize are consistently reliable and offer value for money, whatever the economic climate.” 

This year’s 2022 Trusted Brands Awarding Ceremony happened last April 8 at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. JC’s General Manager Rose Puga and Assistant Director for Training and Creative Marketing Jeffrey Ang received Copper Mask’s award.

“The truest mark of the business will be the trust and quality of the brand,” Puga said when asked to comment on the brand’s award. 

Assistant Director for Training and Creative Marketing Jeffrey Ang paraphrased a famous quote saying a trust given is a byproduct of the brand’s integrity.

“What you say about your product is who you are as a company, and this award is a testament to the dignity and honor of what CopperMask is all about – good product, honest people, and a virtuous company.”

A product to save lives

Introduced to the market only last July 2020, CopperMask gave birth to the idea that face masks can still look fashionable while remaining safe to use. 

A brand so stylish, not only do celebrities patronize the product but even ordinary folks. And why not? CopperMask has been proven to kill coronaviruses and other bacteria by up to 99% in just two hours. In addition, it does not contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Since June 2021, aside from tapping Piolo Pascual as its first and newest Brand Ambassador, CopperMask has collaborated with monumental events and companies, including the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine, MEGA Style!

The launch of Z-Mask 

Boasting its Z-Tech viral filter and waterproof surfaces, Z-Mask has 4-layers of protection from airborne droplets that can block up to 99% of common bacteria and viruses. With its sleek, handcrafted design, the Z-Mask is made from highly-breathable fabric for maximum comfort and an adjustable and colorful ear string to give you the best fit possible. In addition, it now comes in 11 colors affording you with a wide breadth of styling options to try out for every fashion mood.

In October 2021, the Food and Drug Authority approved the release of CopperMask CMKF94, the safest mask in its product line. In addition, FDA certified that CM-KF94 is medical grade and is safe to wear even by front liners and medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics. 

Developed and manufactured in Korea, the CM-KF94 face mask is made more functional. Its high-performance 4-layer air filter technology efficiently collects fine dust and microbes for up to 0.4um of fine particles in the air to prevent them from entering your body. 

Healthy people, thriving nation

As JC celebrates the accomplishment of CopperMask, its owners, the young and trailblazing business leaders, President and CEO Jonathan So, and Vice-President and CFO Carl Macadangdang are forging a more viable future for its divest group of companies. 

JC President and CEO Jonathan So predicts a more successful year for Copper Mask.

“CopperMask, with its outstanding product line, is a testament that the Filipinos can create world-class products recognized by science and the end-users, our customers,” he said. 

“Thank you to those who participated in the survey and affirmed their trust in our brand,” So added.

Meanwhile, Vice President and CFO Carl Macadangdang teases the public with exciting news for CopperMask. 

“Our latest award is like a fuel that revs up our engine to innovate more. So please wait for our next promo and products under our CopperMask brand. Stay stylish, safe, and keep using our face masks to protect yourself and your family from bacteria or viruses,” Macadangdang said. 

“We are here not because of the needs during the pandemic; CopperMask is a brand that will last because we are guided by our desire to help our country and the Filipinos,” he furthered.

For more information about these CopperMask products, you may visit www.coppermask.ph –Rappler.com