Itching to explore options outside of your day job? 53.7% of Filipinos feel the same
Itching to explore options outside of your day job? 53.7% of Filipinos feel the same
Why 'Fine, but could be better' shouldn't be enough

MANILA, Philippines – We all have dreams. 

As we transitioned into adults, childhood fantasies of becoming astronauts and international rock stars made way for perhaps more grounded dreams of getting a PhD, setting up a business, or traveling around the world. 

These dreams may be comparatively within reach, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. Whether you’re holding down a steady job, planning on growing your own family, or just hesitant about taking the risk, the truth is that sometimes it’s just difficult to find the time, energy, money, and commitment to pursue a different path.

It’s fine, we tell ourselves. Isn’t it enough that I’m providing for myself and my loved ones? Life is still good. 

It’s a sentiment shared by a lot of Filipinos. In a survey commissioned by Globe, 56.3% of respondents say that they are fine with where they are in life, although they feel things could be better. 

They’re not exactly unhappy with their lives. Itching to try new things seems more like it. At least 53.7% say they love what they’re doing, but want to explore other options. 

According to the survey, this is particularly true for the younger set. They find fulfillment in trying new things and discovering more about themselves in the process. 

Does this sound like you? ‘Fine, but could be better’ shouldn’t be enough. You can’t spend the rest of your prime years frustratedly wondering what could’ve happened had you taken the leap. This can affect not just your performance in your current job, but your psychological health too. 

It’s perfectly fine if you feel stuck – that’s the go-getter in you saying you could be so much more, after all. Feeling stuck gives you that determination and push to be something more. But you can’t stay stuck forever.

The survey shows that 36.7% are already taking steps to pursue other options, while 44.9% are planning to.

Mika, who works for a publisher, says she’s contented with her current job, but also has bigger dreams in mind. “I follow companies that I feel are aligned to what I want to become in the future. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities.”

Do you feel that life could be better? You owe it to no one but yourself to make it so. 

Orange, who switched from the academe to marketing a couple of years ago, says, “Before, I would stay within my comfort zone. But I knew I could be doing so much more elsewhere.”

If a feeling of dissatisfaction has been gnawing at you, take the time to figure out what you really want. Unplug from distractions and think about what you find not just interesting, but fulfilling. 

Next, do your homework on what you need to do to achieve those dreams. Define the stepping stones for it to become a goal. You can also ask for advice from people in that field. 

But take a reality check, too. Be brutally honest with yourself and contemplate how hard you’d be willing to work for it. Are you up for the challenges, setbacks, and even failures along the way? 

Remember: a goal without a deadline is just a dream, so set a realistic time limit. Set deadlines for your stepping stones so it feels like a more achievable goal, and not just an abstract idea.

Planning your future, rather than just winging it, gives you better odds of a more fulfilling life. Survey results show that those who are satisfied with where they are tend to be those who carefully plan their lives.

Admittedly, life always comes with a curveball or two, and plans can get derailed. But working towards a goal can steer your life back on track. 

Wanting more doesn’t mean you’re disregarding previous efforts and achievements. You’ve come a long way. But now it’s time to go even further and own life. –

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