INFOGRAPHIC: Is there a real estate bubble?
Is the Philippine property market in danger of being in a property bubble? Click on the infographic below to find out

MANILA, Philippines – It doesn’t take much to notice that the speed of real estate development is rapidly changing the Manila skyline.  

Office buildings and high-rises seem to be sprouting up like beanstalks around the metro. And the numerous construction sites around the city show that this trend is not slowing down. 

While an increase in development seems like a good indication of a growing economy, this has also been a cause of alarm, with naysayers worried that the property market is about to hit a saturation point.

The increase in development and steep incline in property prices is happening due to the high demand. However when the market gets too inflated and reaches a saturation point, this can cause a rapid decline in prices and create a domino effect for the rest of the economy. 

Remember the 1997 Asian Financial crisis? Jobs were lost, companies went belly up, and banks turned insolvent. Therefore it is understandable why many are viewing the recent boom in the property market with trepidation. 

As we continue to be bombarded everyday with property ads in the newspapers and pamphlets are being copiously distributed in malls, you do begin to wonder, “Does the bubble exist?” 

Below is an infographic that assesses the different conditions that contribute to a hypothetical real estate bubble, the current situation in the Philippines, and how we are not in danger of bursting.

Why live in the Makati Central Business District? 

Investing in property here is advantageous because it is a premier location that is convenient, secure, and accessible for the work-relax-play lifestyle. Whether you are an investment banker with a family of four, a young executive still making your way up the corporate ladder, a newly married couple looking for a first home, or a career woman working while studying a master’s degree at the same time, the area supports a full range of lifestyle needs.

It is home to the country’s premier lifestyle malls and retail establishments, as well as some of the best healthcare facilities in the country. It is the center for business and commerce and is home to a variety of top educational institutions as well. 

Not only is living there convenient, but it also gives the best value for money. Property around the CBD does not depreciate so you can be assured that your investment, should you choose to sell or rent it out in the future, will not depreciate in value.  

With this in mind, Megaworld is offering a variety of residential condominiums around prime locations around the CBD. For more inquiries, call 0917-8876223 or visit

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