WATCH: Cae the dreamer
WATCH: Cae the dreamer
“I know I can reach all of my dreams as long as I work and train hard”

MANILA, Philippines – Cae Jupio, 15 years old, was raised by a single mother. Her father, who lives in a separate home, is a jeepney driver who continues to support his daughter in school and in her competitions. 

She wakes up at 3am while the sky is still dark. The only sound she will hear is from her footsteps. She runs because she hopes to achieve her dream of becoming an Olympian one day. 

Cae studies in Muntinlupa High School, an institution popular for their champion Athletics team. After school, she trains again with her coach. “I don’t say or think that the training is difficult because if you really love what you do and you set your goals, you know that challenges and difficulties are really a part of it. So, I don’t even think about how difficult training is.”

The future is set

Cae has already been recruited by the Athletics team of a university, also known for producing champion runners. She will be a full scholar. But more than that, her parents are very proud of what she has achieved. This is an opportunity she says that will change her life.

Another dream of hers? To win all her competitions this year before she graduates. But win or lose, she pushes herself to try harder in the next competition and the one after.

“I know I can reach all my dreams as long as I work and train hard,” Cae said.

Just a little reminder to those who easily give up on their potential because of everyday challenges. –


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