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The t-shirt design that’s all about you

Adrianna Mejia
Take this quiz to find out what t-shirt design best represents you

MANILA, Philippines – What we choose to wear everyday reflects our personality, interests and character. It is a way for us to express ourselves or make a statement.

T-shirts are no exception. Whether it is a plain white tee or a graphic tee inspired by a place, person or event, it can reveal a lot about the individual wearing it.

Admit it. When you’re out of your office clothes and given the freedom to just wear a laidback outfit, the t-shirt is the answer. It’s easy to wear, it comes in plenty of designs, cuts and colors and let’s face it, the comfort level is just unbeatable. Wearing one is a choice that’s difficult to pass up especially when you don’t want to put too much thought on your outfit for the day.

And for the days when you do feel like you have something to say the world, it’s the t-shirt that saves the day. Be the big fan that you are of a particular band or movie, promote a brand or wear a statement. Nothing else will say it as loudly and proudly.

If you love t-shirts, take this quiz to find out what t-shirt design best represents you. –

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