In fighting form at 40

Michaela Romulo
Triathlete and TV commercial director Sid Maderazo proves that life really can start at 40

MANILA, Philippines – Looking at TV commercial director, triathlete, and all around family man, Sid Maderazo, one would be shocked to learn that he is already 41 years old. 

His physique is lean and strong. There is a youthful tone in the way that he speaks and jokes around with others. He doesn’t dress like your typical 40-something dad. And he can definitely outrun or out-cycle the Sid in his 20s or 30s – or most other 20 or 30 year olds for that matter.

Prior to his getting addicted to triathlon training, he lived a sedentary lifestyle. He clocked in long hours at the office, drank often and smoked heavily, and never really watched what he ate. 

It took a toll on him, admittedly, and after being in denial about turning the big four-zero, he decided to make the conscious decision to live a healthier and active lifestyle – not just for himself but for his wife and two beautiful children.

Now, his life revolves around training during the mornings, spending time with his family and kids, and working in the office and on shoots in the afternoons. There is a balance that was not there in his earlier years and upon turning 40, he feels as though he has finally hit his stride.  

At 41, Sid Maderazo doesn’t hide his age, in fact he is proud to say that he is better than ever – he feels healthier, stronger, and more well rounded than he has ever been. –

Director: Paolo Villaluna

Cinematographer: Gym Lumbera

Production Manager: Mica Romulo

Music: Fred Sandoval

Assistant: Nicole Revita

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