Easy and tasty home-cooked meals with Tip-Top Chicken

Raven Lingat
Easy and tasty home-cooked meals with Tip-Top Chicken
Say hello to ready-cut marinated chicken packed in amounts fit for a family

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Work, eat, play, clean. For some time, our home routine has revolved around these activities. 

Most people who spend a lot of their time at home – working professionals, parents, students – have come to a realization: it’s really difficult to balance our everyday tasks with cooking meals for ourselves or our family. 

Because of this, there are days when we have to resort to takeout and fast food deliveries. While these may be a bit more expensive than home-cooked food, it’s easy to get our hands on them. After all, it takes but a few clicks on our phones.

We can’t deny the convenience of food deliveries. But there’s a reason we always look forward to home-cooked meals. Prepared with love by a member of our family, these meals are usually less expensive and more delicious, especially since home cooks know the preferences of everyone in the house. Who else can get the right amount of spice in our food? 

So is there a more convenient way to prepare food at home? The answer is yes! 

Buy Tip-Top Chicken for quality pre-cut parts

A large chunk of cooking is taken up by the preparation time. Chopping vegetables, measuring sauces, or cleaning meat sometimes takes longer than actually cooking a dish.

But by buying pre-cut portions, we can save a lot of time. Here’s where Tip-Top Chicken comes in. 

Tip-Top Chicken is a family business with roots in Nicaragua. Since 1958, it has been known for producing good quality poultry products. Their products are processed and packed on the same day, so customers know that they’re getting fresh chicken every time. It’s available for purchase in premium quality choice cuts of drumstick, wings, breast, thigh. Each pack also has enough portions to fit an entire family.

By keeping a pack of these cuts on hand, home cooks can cut down on their preparation time whenever they’re cooking. 

Marinated favorites for beginner cooks

However, not all home cooks find it easy to whip up delicious meals. Beginner home cooks may prefer to work with chicken that has already been marinated or can just be fried, baked, or roasted in the oven. 

Tip-Top Chicken carefully considered tasty flavor profiles to serve these home cooks. It’s also available as a dressed chicken or in an “Easy & Tasty” pack, which is its marinated version. 

Already seasoned with flavors like “hot & spicy,” beginner cooks can easily create restaurant-quality dishes from the comfort of their home kitchens. 

Versatile flavors for a variety of dishes

Because of the chicken’s freshness and high-grade quality, it can be used to create a variety of dishes. 

Now that it’s summer, families can enjoy citrus-filled recipes and light chicken dishes like baked orange chicken or chicken breast with broccoli. 

And since it’s pre-packed, it’s easy to place in your frozen coolers so it can be cooked on trips. Grilled chicken with cool drinks for dinner during a vacation? That’s easy to make!

With each purchase of Tip-Top Chicken, home cooks know that they’re getting fresh and safe ready-cut choice portions packed in amounts fit for the whole family. With the Tip-Top Easy & Tasty Marinated Chicken pack, they can also serve restaurant-style dishes that everyone will love.

Want to create easy and tasty home-cooked meals? Try keeping a pack of Tip-Top Chicken in the freezer! Tip-Top Chicken can now be purchased in supermarkets, FrozenMNL, and Zagana. It is also offered in local wet markets, meat shops, and “Tip-Top-preneurs” community resellers.  – Rappler.com

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