5 signs that you’re ready for more in life

Krista Garcia
5 signs that you’re ready for more in life
You might be long overdue for an upgrade

MANILA, Philippines – You now have a great job, plenty of vacation time, a decent roof over your head, and you can hang out with your friends or family whenever you want to. Everything’s going according to plan, right?

After achieving a semblance of balance in your life or career, you wait for that “right moment” to take big steps for the future. You often see long-term goals through farsighted glasses – next year, in two years, or whenever the feeling or the salary grade is right.

But what if you can start aiming for the bigger things right now? Chances are, you might be long overdue for a life upgrade. If your life seems OK at the moment, then how about taking a chance at making it great (READ: If you did it, flaunt it: Status symbols then and now)? 

How do you know when it’s time to move up the proverbial ladder? Only you can answer that question, but we have some helpful clues:

You have priorities

Today, you aspire for milestones that will better your life inside and out: a cruise, your own place, and your own business. At the same time, you know that these goals are not going to happen overnight. That’s a good thing, because now you understand that dreams take work. You are more willing to make sacrifices like giving up takeout coffee or weekly night-outs, since the monthly savings from that can go towards paying off a loan for a new SUV or a bigger apartment (READ: 5 things that you ought to do before that first car or house).

You can rely on yourself

You’re not dependent on your parent’s support anymore, and you’re already earning regularly. It may not be a lofty sum for now, but it’s enough for life’s daily necessities and then some. You can handle a couple of bills, save up for a few luxury purchases, and still have some left over for a planned holiday with your friends. Signs of independence – financially or otherwise – are clear signs that you’re ready for greater responsibilities.

You can handle spontaneity

These days, you find yourself saying “yes” and “why not” more often. 5 years ago, you’d freak out in case of emergencies – everything from broken gadgets to last minute revisions to needing to impress your crush at the last minute. But now, daily little dilemmas are a no-brainer for you. You’ve mastered the art of taking a deep breath, counting to 10, and telling yourself, “I’ve got this.” From the unexpected, you’ve earned valuable lessons and great experiences.

You’re going places

You’re going farther – literally and figuratively. You’re traveling more, raring to explore and to widen your view of the world. Your job is not confined to a desk, and you’re not just being told to finish things anymore. Instead, you’re attending meetings, actualizing ideas, and possibly even mentoring others. You’re ready to take the wheel on your career, and you’re excited to see where you might end up.

You celebrate your achievements

You know now that hard work pays off. Aside from getting praise from your peers and superiors, you also know how to reward yourself for breakthroughs and achievements. Whether it’s through a good dinner, a quick getaway or a brand new outfit – you know when it’s OK to indulge yourself. You don’t always feel guilty, because you know when you deserve it. – Rappler.com


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