The millennials’ guide to choosing a financial advisor
The millennials’ guide to choosing a financial advisor
Chances are, you’ve already encountered one or more of these kinds of advisors

MANILA, Philippines — We millennials have made mindfulness our generation’s signature… or so we’d like to believe (no ME generation here!). This mindfulness of our place in the world makes us pursue our ideas and goals, but at the same time determined not to leave things to chance.

Given this, it’s not really surprising that we now have a growing appreciation for financial tools. We no longer shy away from talking about insurance and investments because we know life is not just rainbows and butterflies. We know we must take control.

But as we play “master of our fate, captain of our soul,” frustration is the price we pay. Uncertainties shock us when things don’t go our way.

Take our quest for partners as an example, whether it’s for love, business, friendship, or something else. There would be instances when we’d be confident that we have a clear grasp of things, then end up being blindsided.

Supposedly casual get-togethers turn out to be product pitches (power!), an acquaintance’s friendship unravel to be a romantic proposition, and financial advisors leave us either with our noses bleeding from all the information we couldn’t process or confused at how much one person could obsess about our signature with such intensity.

We don’t get fazed though; instead, we prepare. We don’t simply settle because we know that the right fit is just out there. True to this sense of millennial preparation, here’s a guide to prepare you for the different kinds of financial advisors out there in the wild! –

Your financial advisor should be professional, caring, inspiring, and winning. It’s not always easy to find the right fit for you, go to to find that #PerfectMatch.



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