WATCH: How to get your #adulting game strong
WATCH: How to get your #adulting game strong
Young and new to the “real world?” This video series is for you

MANILA, Philippines – When you’re young and unsure how the “real world” runs, the mere idea of adulting can be daunting.

Adulting, or “to adult,” means to behave like an adult and to do the things a proper adult would do. It encompasses an entire spectrum of activities, from those as simple as learning how to do your own laundry and making home-cooked meals, or as advanced as finding job stability and making an investment.

It all sounds so terrifying on paper, but don’t worry – with practice, things would get easier as you go along and get used to it.

But the real trick to adulting right is to start taking control of your finances as early as possible and resisting the urge to splurge. Which means that while the occasional “I deserve this!” treats are okay as a reward for working hard, you have to make sure that you don’t go overboard and lose all that hard-earned cash.

Always remember to use, save, and invest your money wisely. Besides, it’s YOU who will be benefiting from all these in the long run!

These videos will teach you how you can manage your finances so that later on, you’ll be able to take on bigger responsibilities as you pursue your life goals.

#ReadyToAdult Episode 1: What adulting really means

With so many things trying to get your attention all at once, adulting could be so demanding and challenging if you don’t know where to start. In this video, we’ll share with you three main points to prioritize before jumping onto other things.

#ReadyToAdult Episode 2: How to get your finances in check

Adulting is all about managing your money wisely so that you pay for all your necessities and still be able to fund your passion and hobbies. In this video, we’ll share three tips on how you can keep your finances in check.

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