ROUNDTABLE: How partnerships enrich lives
ROUNDTABLE: How partnerships enrich lives
No one makes it through life alone – having a partner can make life more fulfilling! Watch our roundtable discussion on September 30, 4 pm onwards.

MANILA, Philippines – Whatever industry you’re in, whatever your calling in life, one thing’s for sure – we’re all in pursuit of success and fulfillment. 

So we hustle each day, but sometimes in our desire to achieve our goals, we forget one thing: we don’t always have to do it alone. 

Behind each and every successful person is a life partner – family, friends, significant other, or mentor. While it’s important to learn how to stand on your own feet, it’s perfectly fine if you need a hand to help you stand back up when you fall.

A life partner gives you advice, provides a different perspective, or maybe even just stays beside you and cheers you on as you achieve your goals.

On Monday, September 30, Rappler, in partnership with Sun Life Philippines, is hosting a live roundtable discussion on how enduring partnerships enrich our lives. Our guests will share their insights on how they make their partnerships work, and what they’ve learned in the process. 

Our roundtable guests are:

  • Arriane Serafico, teacher and lifestyle blogger

  • Agnes Cuaso, financial advisor

  • Vern Enciso, blogger, co-founder of perfume brand VV&Co

  • Verniece Enciso, blogger, co-founder of perfume brand VV&Co

The roundtable will be moderated by events host Ceej Tantengco. 

Bookmark this page to watch the live stream of this discussion on Monday, 4 pm onwards. – 

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