QUIZ: How financially-savvy are you?

QUIZ: How financially-savvy are you?
Do you think you’ve got a good handle on your finances? Test your financial know-how through this short quiz.

MANILA, Philippines – Personal finance is a tricky subject. People’s circumstances often change – from income to civil status, to larger things that may affect him or her such as the country’s economy. 

For many, when it comes to money matters, they continually refine their personal financial plan to meet the ever-changing financial goals. Others, on the other hand, would rather live in the now and not confront their financial situation.

To take control of your finances, the drive must come from within. As Stephanie Chung, eCompareMo co-founder and CEO, says, “once you start with yourself, and get that self-awareness, that’s already empowerment in itself.”

Take our short quiz to find out where you’re at financially! You can only go up from here, right? – Rappler.com