Budget tips for your next travels

MANILA, Philippines – The hardest part about traveling the world is finding the means to do it.

Or, if you do have the resources, it’s finding ways to keep your spending in control.

But we’re not interrupting your reverie - traveling is now more convenient and affordable than ever, so there’s no reason for you not to escape your daily drivel and fill your life with adventures, new sights, new friends, and new experiences. But to fulfill all these, you’ve got to be prepared.

Aside from your daily itinerary, maps and routes, and your #OOTD pack list, you should also plan ahead on how you’ll spend on your trip. You don’t have to be a cheapskate when you travel, but you don’t have to be an exorbitant splurger, either.

On your next bout of wanderlust, spend wisely. Here are some reminders to ensure a worry-free trip:

Booking flights, accommodations

Using cards

Carrying cash

Other reminders

Plan ahead for emergencies, arm yourself with these reminders, and you don’t have to be anxious throughout your trip. Got your own travel-related money tips? Share them with us! - Rappler.com

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