Career confidential: The best places to work in PH

MANILA, Philippines – When it comes to seeking the best job opportunities, many still set their sights on the usual suspects: cities in Metro Manila and abroad.

In recent years, however, major businesses have been setting up offices in other cities aside from Metro Manila. These include, among many other things, business process outsourcing (BPO) and manufacturing companies.

For those living outside Metro Manila, this means new job markets, and a chance to build a thriving, well-balanced career closer to home.

In this video series, we explore the cities of Bacolod and Batangas and find out why these are two of the best places to work in the Philippines. –


In Bacolod, 14,000 graduates join the workforce yearly, many of them already setting their sights on jobs elsewhere. But did you know that Bacolod is one of the best places in PH to work in?


Among the 200,000 graduates that Batangas produces each year, many leave home in search of better job opportunities. But what they may not realize is that this city is actually a hotspot for career and personal growth! Here are some of the things Batangueños can benefit from working in their home city.