Financial milestones that are #WorthIt

MANILA, Philippines — Milestones are called as such because they’re markers for significant moments in your life.

Financial milestones, in particular, are rewarding, because the goals and achievements are tangible: opening up a bank account, swiping a shiny new debit or credit card, or saving up to travel alone for the first time.

You start small, but as time goes by, as you become more financially capable, and as you slowly tick things off your bucket list, your goals get bigger and bigger.  

Maybe you've decided to open up your very own business. Or maybe it's high time you bought your own car or house. In that sense, a car isn't just a car, it's a badge of independence, the welcome mat into adulthood. A house, a sign of new beginnings. 

Like anything in life that’s worth it, all these things require time, effort, and investment. But the growth, convenience, and validation they offer are rewards in themselves.  

So tell us, when was the last time you did something that was #WorthIt?

Was it when you experienced the thrill of discovering a new place? We all know that travel can be pricey, but the knowledge and memories you can get from it are priceless. It just goes to show that the best time to travel is now. 

Or maybe it was when you experienced a new thrill from shopping with your debit card? Other than a basic savings account, a big shiny debit card is usually the first tangible sign — or you could even say the gateway — to financial adulthood. 

For entrepreneurs, their business is almost like a baby — something to be nurtured and constantly taken care of. Nothing is more satisfying than watching it grow and leveling it up with new gadgets, new fixtures, and other upgrades. 

Getting a new car is a big leap into adulthood. There's nothing more telling of independence than the purchase of a brand new car. 

The same goes for moving out of your parents' place! The freedom and responsbility that comes with making your own meals and calling your own bed time is definitely #WorthIt, especially when you've already got the means and you're pushing 30. 

And lastly, one of the biggest and most rewarding financial investments anyone can make is into education, especially for your child. Consider every hour, every effort spent as an installment to secure your child's future. 


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