Health or wealth: What should come first?

MANILA, Philippines – When health and wealth collide, what will prevail? 

Today, health has become more than a necessity. It has been elevated as a lifestyle and status symbol, even an aspiration pursued by both young and old. From “fitspiration" accounts to workout clips captured in our social media feeds and timelines, we are living in an era where looking good and feeling great have become indicative of the good life. 

At the same time, Filipinos have become more financially-savvy. Financial planning has captured the imagination of anyone who is concerned about the future. Our understanding of money has evolved, more as a means to build a brighter tomorrow rather than instant gratification. 

Both health and wealth have captured the national imagination. But can one really have it all? On June 10, Wednesday, we have invited several guests to share their stories of how health and wealth fit into their plans. Together, let us find out if health should be prioritized over wealth, or if it is the other way around. 

Our guests are:

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This hangout will be hosted by Sam Oh and will go live on June 10 at 2PM. Bookmark this page to watch the session and follow us on Twitter for updates. –