If you did it, flaunt it: Status symbols, then and now

MANILA, Philippines – If you’ve ever sat in an Economics 101 class, then you’ll know what a curious thing status symbols are.

You probably know what they’re supposed to be (the text book definition is anything that indicates and flaunts wealth) and what they really are (either things to aspire for or a mentality to avoid, depending on the philosophy of your professor).

Luxury cars, designer garb from head-to-toe, and a first-class ticket to Paris: these are the status symbols of yore. Money means access, and access means class: this is the simple logic behind coveting a logo-emblazoned hand bag or being spotted in a Porsche, even if you’re just inching through EDSA’s rush hour standstill. (Take the Quiz: Getting the car that suits your lifestyle)

Status symbols still exist. But they’re not what they used to be, especially from a Millennial’s POV. Economics, changing mindsets, and a faster-paced lifestyle all indicate a different set of aspirations that goes beyond what to buy.

What makes up our buckets lists today? Here’s a quick snapshot of today’s evolving status symbols. – Rappler.com

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