Hail to the king

Rea Gierran
Hail to the king
More and more Philippine eagles are reportedly being spotted in the wild. And the numbers are only expected to soar.


Welcome to GoodRap! This is Rappler’s newest weekly column that aims to feature lighthearted yet meaningful stories from here and around the globe. We hope this provides an oasis for anyone who wants to take a quick escape from the gloom and doom of the everyday world.

For our very first piece, allow us to take you to a trip down memory lane: do you have a favorite childhood friend?

Chances are, no matter how old you get, you would still feel the same fondness for them every time you would look back on the memories you’ve shared. Maybe it was the time you both skipped a boring Math class or the afternoons you spent playing in their house or that one special project that you enjoyed doing so much even if you had to endure sleepless nights.

I do have one and I have just recently reconnected with her. We were estranged for almost 15 years until one day she sent me a message. We checked our schedules, agreed on a date, and finally met in Poblacion. When the night was over, I was so happy to find out that she’s still the old funny friend I know and love.

I felt that same exciting, butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling when I saw the news about the growing number of Philippine eagles being spotted in the wild.

According to Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) director Dr. Jayson Ibañez, it’s a result of the conservation efforts being done in the last 31 years.

Last June 4, two Philippine eagles named Geothermica and Sambisig left the country for Singapore for breeding and conservation. Ibañez said that this is one way to grow their population. The offspring will be transported back to the country, and will be released into the wild.

I remember the first time I saw a photo of this giant bird of prey. It was back in elementary when we were asked to memorize all the Philippine national symbols. I was blown away by the fact that it’s one of the world’s largest eagles. Since then I’ve had an affinity to them. I would read news about them, and keep myself updated with the conservation efforts.

Growing up, my family and I would also frequent the Philippine Eagle Center, and every single visit always felt like the first time. I would get goosebumps whenever I would hear their wings flap and see their beauty up close.

I’m sure that the Philippine eagle is very much a part of everyone’s childhood as it was mine. It is, after all, the symbol of the Filipinos’ resilience and bravery.

That’s why to me, this news feels exactly like reconnecting with an old friend.

So, look up! There are good things happening in the skies. – Rappler.com


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