Ecobite restaurant upcycles your damaged glass bottles for free

Rea Gierran
Ecobite restaurant upcycles your damaged glass bottles for free
Reuse them as a pencil holder or drinking glasses at home

Are you in the habit of buying glass-bottled drinks? 

Chances are, you already have a pile of bottles in different shapes and sizes stored under your kitchen sink. While you can return some of them to the sari-sari store and get a refund, how about the damaged ones? Do you just throw themaway? 

Ecobite, a coffee shop that serves cheesecakes, veggie smoothies, and more, came up with a way to recycle damaged glass bottles. Established in 2014, this family-owned shop was built around the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly products.

“Our purpose is to create awareness among our customers about eco-friendly advocacies and acts by using recycled or repurposed materials in the interior of our cafe,” said Joselito Inoc, one of the founders of Ecobite.

Joselito himself created the chairs they use in the shop. 

Together with Girlie Galoz, they aim to inspire people to be more eco-conscious by showing their customers that they can transform a regular trash into useful household objects or decorative items.

UPCYCLING. This set was made from water drums and car tire.

“I love the food and the ambiance. Everything is made from recycled material,” said Gabriela Neri, one of Ecobite’s loyal customers. 

To date, more than 20 customers have approached them to have their old bottles cut and upcycled. Majority of them said they’ll use it as drinking glasses at home and holders for their cutlery, while some will use them as decoration.

“It takes us around 2 hours to cut, clean, and polish the edges,” said Girlie. 

Aside from recycling glass bottles for free, they also host workshops where they teach bottle cutting and painting. 

Their initiatives have been recognized by several award-giving bodies such as the Philippine Social Media Awards, Elite Business and Leadership Awards, and the Philippine Top Choice Awards for their outstanding advocacy and service. 

HEALTHY TREAT. They serve malunggay frappe in their mobile cart.  

The owners plan to open more Ecobite branches where they can encourage more people to decrease their carbon footprint. 

“We’re glad that people have found great interest in our endeavour. We hope that they will share the same to their families and friends because we believe that small steps, when multiplied, can make a great impact. As a business, we will continue to adhere to our mission and purpose to do business with less cost but great cause,” said Girlie.

You, too, can contribute in preserving and protecting the planet. Visit Ecobite and have your damaged glass bottles upcycled today!  –

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