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Gardenia provides free online wellness activities for companies

Gardenia provides free online wellness activities for companies

Photo courtesy of Gardenia website

These include webinars and nutrition consultations for employees

Editor’s note: As we celebrate Nutrition Month this July, GoodRap is highlighting the various campaigns and initiatives created by brands to support the health and wellness of Filipinos. 

In line with this, we feature Gardenia’s health and wellness efforts through the initiatives of its Gardenia Nutrition & Wellness Team.

How can employees maintain their health while working from home?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted that a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best solution for this problem. Since businesses now operate in different ways – with some adopting a flexible structure while others maintaining a remote work setup – and employees work from different locations, wellness programs should be varied and catered towards the needs of individual employees.

Gardenia understands Filipino employees’ various preferences when it comes to online wellness activities. Here are some of the initiatives of its Nutrition & Wellness Team.

Corporate online wellness activities

There are some companies that utilize health and wellness programs as team-building opportunities. Because of this, they prefer group activities that can be conducted during work hours and with their coworkers. 

The Gardenia Corporate Wellness Movement is a long-running initiative to help the private sector and government employees achieve their health and wellness goals. The program, which began in 2009, used to be a series of onground wellness activities. 

When the pandemic hit, they shifted their focus to online activities such as webinars and nutrition consultations administered by Gardenia’s Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians (RNDs) via video conferencing applications. They have tapped 135 offices all over the country since June 2020.

The workshops are free and open to corporate offices and institutions. For more information, interested representatives can email

Online webinars

There are, on the other hand, employees who prefer individual activities. Through the Start with GWellness Webinar Series, employees working at home can access free online webinars on their own time. 

The first episode of the webinar series is free for the public and can be viewed on their Facebook page.

Other fun content

There could also be employees who prefer short-form educational content. The Gardenia Nutrition & Wellness Team also provides short infographics and videos that cover healthy tips for various occasions. 

The team celebrates events such as World Chocolate Day and International Joke Day, among others, with bite-sized information related to the occasion. As an example, during this year’s National Allergy Day, they shared some tips on how to prepare allergy-friendly meals for the family.

Aside from these, the team also recently launched the Gardenia Quiz Game. In line with Nutrition Month, the online quiz encourages participants to answer questions related to nutrition and health. 

Interested participants can join by scanning the QR Code or clicking on this link. After sharing their quiz results online, they also get a chance to win exciting prizes from Gardenia.

Gardenia’s various initiatives are all in line with their goal of encouraging Filipinos to practice an active lifestyle as well as eat a well-balanced diet. 

For more health and wellness tips, fun activities, and various content, you can visit the Gardenia Nutrition & Wellness Team’s Facebook page. –