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Got too much packaging waste? PH businesses offer sustainable alternatives

Got too much packaging waste? PH businesses offer sustainable alternatives
Here’s a list of small businesses that have tried to solve this problem

[Editor’s note: Ready to get started on your holiday shopping? This month, GoodRap, in partnership with CommuniCart, is focusing on MSMEs that are taking on the challenge of this year’s holiday season: creating products that can be given as gifts with little to no waste or damage to the environment.]

When was the last time you bought something?

It might be food, self-care essentials, or maybe even new clothes. Whatever it may be, here’s a guess: you had something delivered within the past week.

It can’t be denied. This quarantine period has made shopping easier. Sadly, it has also turned shopping into our number one source of waste. 

With most of our shopping done online, packaging is becoming a big problem. Because delivery is currently our preferred method of receiving goods, the extra steps we usually take – bubble wraps, more tape – in turn, produce more waste.

Is there a way to move products from creator to consumer without harming the environment?

Here are a few businesses that offer sustainable solutions to some of our packaging essentials: 

Ship packages with Fifth Express

Our first problem with our current mode of shopping is the inherently wasteful nature of normal delivery. But did you know that we can package and ship our goods without producing more waste?

Sustainable shipping is now possible with local logistics and delivery service provider Fifth Express. They make use of eco-friendly packaging – a durable, compostable mailer made from a combination of corn-based polymers that can easily break down within 6 months. 

Aside from this, they also use an e-waybill to minimize paper consumption. For those interested, Fifth Express offers free pick up and next day delivery anywhere in Metro Manila.  

Customize baskets and gift baskets with Simpleng Buhay PH

This year, refuse wrapping paper. You may want to give your holiday gifts in pretty, reusable, and sustainable containers. 

If you’re looking for sustainable baskets, organizers, bags, here’s one for you. Simpleng Buhay offers quality handcrafted products made by local artisans in Bicol. 

These made-to-order or custom-made products are perfect for anyone who wants to give away something unique. Aside from custom designs, they also provide resizing for their existing product list.

Shift to EcoJoy PH’s food packaging

Remember sushi bake and ube cheese pandesal? A lot of the trends that emerged this year were related to food. While we physically distance ourselves, sharing our kitchen creations has become one of the ways we stay connected to each other. But plastic-lined cartons or plastic containers just aren’t environmentally-friendly. 

With this problem in mind, take a look at EcoJoy PH, which offers sustainable food containers. These are made of sugarcane pulp, which makes them biodegradable. These are also food-grade certified.

If you’re sharing your recipes with someone who has no time to reheat it on a pan, you can also use these as they are oven safe and microwaveable. 

Do you know any other businesses that provide sustainable packaging alternatives? Let us know in the comments! – Rappler.com

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