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LIST: 3 Philippine fast-food restaurants offering plant-based food

LIST: 3 Philippine fast-food restaurants offering plant-based food
Did you know that you can eat healthy fast-food meals?

Editor’s note: Do you know anyone who is slowly transitioning to a meat-free diet? In this GoodRap story, we break down why there has been a market demand for plant-based food and provide you a list of local fast-food restaurants that have addressed this.

Plant-based, vegetarian-friendly, meat-free… these phrases are becoming more prominent in the food industry. Why is this so?

A plant-based or vegetarian diet is widely acknowledged as one that provides a host of health benefits including a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, as well as increased life span. 

Aside from this, a plant-based diet is also part of the lifestyle of many animal rights advocates. By eliminating animal meats and byproducts as a source of food, they are able to take steps in ensuring that the food system is more just and compassionate to animals who are often treated as mere commodities.

Sustainability is also one of the reasons people choose this diet. Because the production of plant-based products uses less natural resources, such as energy from fossil fuels, it is less taxing on the environment. 

With health and care for the environment we live in becoming some of our primary concerns – especially over the past year – fast-food restaurants all over the world have taken steps to meet the market demand for plant-based food. 

Following this global trend, we saw in 2020 that local fast-food restaurants have been making some changes in its well-loved menu to include more plant-based meal options. 

Interested in trying out a plant-based diet but have no idea where to begin? Here’s a list of local restaurants and what you can try:

Plant-based meals at Starbucks

Citing the rise of customer interest in plant-based food as one of the global company’s reasons for introducing more plant-based options, Starbucks Philippines recently launched new vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly meals. These are available nationwide for a limited time.

The current Starbucks menu includes a new version of the classic lasagna, now made with plant-based bolognese and cheese. Its new mince roll likewise uses plant-based ground patty and cheese for its filling. Finally, the mochi bun is stuffed with asian BBQ style plant-based filling.

The worldwide movement of adding more plant-based options at every Starbucks store is also a part of the company’s aim to pursue its sustainability commitment. They believe that expanding plant-based choices and building a more environmentally-friendly menu helps contribute to its overall goals. 

A new take on the iconic Burger King Whopper

In 2019, the plant-based version of the Burger King Whopper was first launched in the United States. Due to its success, the company has made this available to other territories – including the Philippines. 

While this Whopper is made of soy protein beef patty from Australian plant-based company V2Food, it still retains the iconic flame-grilled approach to its cooking. 

Alan Tan, marketing director for Burger King Philippines, mentioned that the company’s decision to offer this meat-free alternative is in line with its goal to be at the forefront of the shift to plant-based food.

The plant-based Whopper is currently available nationwide.

Good burgers at Shakey’s Pizza

Shakey’s Pizza recently diversified its menu and added burgers. Part of the lineup are two plant-based burgers: the Goood Burger and the Goood Goood Burger. 

These burgers are made with plant-based ‘unMeat’ patties from sister company Century Pacific Food, Inc. The difference between these two burgers is simple. While the Goood Burger comes with a potato bun, the Goood Goood Burger uses a lettuce wrap.

These new products are part of the company’s sustainability strategy. As Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. President and CEO Vicente L. Gregorio mentioned to Business News Asia, “We continue to take the necessary steps towards becoming a more responsible food company, integrating sustainability more closely in the way we do business.”

Both the Goood Burger and the Goood Goood Burger are available nationwide.

Plant-based food is the future

These fast-food joints are not the only ones that have incorporated plant-based items into their menus. Domino’s Pizza recently announced its latest offering – Spinach and Feta pizza. This is a new addition to their vegetarian-friendly menu, which includes their Cheese Mania and Pacific Veggie pizzas. 

The future of plant-based eating in fast-food restaurants continues to look bright as we also await the Philippine rollout of McDonald’s McPlant burger, which was announced last year

Do you know of any other local fast-food restaurant that has embraced plant-based eating in its own way? Or have you already tried any of these? Leave your comments below! –