On the road to recovery: How to break that fever

Therese Reyes
On the road to recovery: How to break that fever
Separating fever facts from myths

MANILA, Philippines — Fevers are hard to avoid, especially for active growing children, but although they’re fairly easy to cure, many parents are still left worried and sleepless when their little ones are burning up. (READ: Fighting a child’s fever: A gameplan for moms)

For mothers in particular, your maternal instincts tend to go up a notch when your child is sick, so fretting and over thinking become inevitable. You begin to think of worst-case scenarios, and ask yourself questions like “What caused this fever?” and “Is this temperature too high?” Of course, there is that one chance where the fever might get worse, or it is actually not just a fever, so you want all bases covered. But it is for the same reason that you also tend to stick to old-fashioned ways of treating a fever while easily jumping on to the latest “life hacks”.

There are many ways to break a fever and surely, you’ve got a bunch of effective techniques up your sleeve, but how do you know which tips and tricks are right for the situation and which ones are not? Which concerns need attention and which is hearsay? Here is a simple way to remember. — Rappler.com










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