How to dengue proof yourself and your home

Therese Reyes
How to dengue proof yourself and your home
Keep mosquitoes away with these handy tips

MANILA, Philippines — A fever can change your child’s disposition dramatically and as a parent, you’d want to do everything to relieve your child of the discomfort it brings. Sponge baths, cool drinks, and proper medication are all effective ways to treat the condition but what causes it in the first place?

Fevers can be caused by a variety of reasons including viral and bacterial infections, inflammation anywhere in the body, or a side effect of certain medication. But now that we’re experiencing more rains, another cause of worry is dengue. A report from the Department of Health (DOH) shows that from January 1 to September 5 of this year, there have been a total of 78,808 dengue cases in the country.

Dengue is a disease with flu-like symptoms and could be treated similarly. Those who have contracted it usually have a high-grade fever, so be sure to address your child’s discomfort first. But keep in mind that there is a possibility for it to develop into a more serious form that may warrant hospitalization, so you should still check with your doctor and see how your child is doing.

Since there is no available vaccine for dengue, it is essential to keep your child healthy and his or her immune system strong. Next to this, you’d want to prevent your child from getting bitten by a mosquito in the first place. Stocking up on insect repellent lotion or switching to knee-high socks for your child’s school uniform are small practical steps to take. But since the park and school aren’t the only places these pests abound, make sure that your home is dengue proof as well.

Ensuring a clean and tidy house helps in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. The thing to keep in mind is that dengue can be avoided at the home front.—


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