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4 quarter-life realizations about body image

Nikki Natividad
4 quarter-life realizations about body image
The journey to self-acceptance is a tough one, but it’s worth it

MANILA, Philippines – At 25, the awkward, pimply mess of adolescence is finally behind you. You’re proud to say that you’re a far cry from that timid, self-conscious, little bud of a woman. These days, you walk with the air of a confident 25 year-old that knows better – a woman, changed. 

No, it’s not because of some radical growth spurt or extreme makeover. You’ve changed your mindset. Instead of dwelling on the woes of the past, you’ve accepted the cards that you’ve been dealt, and look towards giving your body the time and care it deserves, now and for the future. A little fixing up never hurt your confidence. In fact, it can do a lot for it. 

The journey to self-acceptance is potentially long and tough. One thing that time will tell you is that self-pity is an ugly shade of green on any lady, and that confidence brings out your finest colors. And that brings us to our first realization:

Acceptance is liberating 

What’s clipping your wings is often what’s in the back of your mind: “Is my pimple obvious?” “What do they think of my thighs?” “Can you see my stomach in this shirt?” 

It takes too much time and effort to guess every single person’s opinion on your body. You could do so much better with your time, like strike up an interesting conversation or concentrate on the movie you’re all watching. When you’re comfortable enough in your own skin, you stop sweating the small stuff, and give yourself the opportunity to experience what’s in front of you. Happiness doesn’t come from what you’ve been handed; it all boils down to choice.

You define your own standards 

When your experience of the world is limited to what’s being flaunted on the cover of fashion magazines, then there’s typically only one type of girl you’ll encounter. She’s skinny, curiously tan and well endowed in just the right places. But take a look at the real world, and you’ll notice there are a number of ladies who don’t fit the bill, but are knockouts in their own right. And they’re not just one size – they could be tall and plump, pear-shaped and buff. There are women of all shapes and sizes who create their own definitions of beauty. So can you.

Once upon a time, skinny was not in. So instead of adapting to someone else’s cookie cutter ideals, follow your own.

You are in charge of your body

Learning to accept your body isn’t just about letting fate run its course. You have a say. In fact, you have a big say about how your body looks and will look in the future. Eat a healthy diet, get some exercise, or slather some lotion everyday. It isn’t about looking like someone else, it’s about taking care of yourself and honoring the power you have to create your body as well. It’s not just, when you look good, you feel good – it works the other way around too.

No doubt, it’s a commitment. But you have the power to look and feel the way you want to, if you have the courage to make the first move. 

A change of mindset will come with age

Twenty-five is the age where you start worrying about what your body’s going to look like in the future. Maybe your favorite feature of yourself is your skin, because it’s clear and smooth and firm, and you’re worried that gravity will take its toll too soon. You’re not alone.

And though you’re still young, the quarter life is the best age to start preparing for the future. It’s time to think about your body, and how to keep it strong, healthy, and beautiful. Once again, eat a healthy diet, get some exercise, and have a simple beauty regimen to keep your skin smooth and firm. If you take the time to do so, your body will thank you in the future. – Rappler.com 

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