Underarm daily: A routine to keep your underarms in tiptop shape

Therese Reyes
Underarm daily: A routine to keep your underarms in tiptop shape
Understand the effects of shaving and how you can keep your underarms soft and smooth

 MANILA, Philippines – What’s your daily beauty routine like?

Whether you’re a wash-and-wear type of girl or someone who likes to spend time perfecting a winged eye, you probably have a few habits you like to do everyday. But while hair, face, and nails are usually top priority, many miss out on caring for one important area – their underarms. 

The problem

About 70% of Filipinas prefer shaving over other hair removal methods, and with convenience, affordability, and low pain level on its side, it’s not difficult to see why. The problem is, shaving to achieve smooth skin is actually counter productive.

While shaving your underarms will get rid of unwanted hair, it is also one major reason behind skin darkening and bumps. You may not notice it, but every time you reach out for that razor, about a third of what you shave off is underarm skin. Frequent and repetitive shaving leads to irritation, dryness, redness. Eventually bumps develop, and skin darkening occurs.

If you need to shave, your underarms will need a little extra TLC. Here’s a simple guide. 

Treat sensitive skin right

The underarm area is very sensitive because its skin is relatively thin and does not get as much sunlight as the rest of your body. When a part of that already thin layer is removed due to shaving, the area becomes even more sensitive, and sometimes causes redness, itching, and stinging. 

To avoid irritation, always use a mild soap or cleanser with moisturizing properties when showering.

Friction from a razor also aggravates sensitivity and causes darkness, but you can make shaving easier and quicker by lathering on some shaving gel, cream, or foam first. This will soften the hair and give the blades a smoother glide. 

A beauty routine for your underarms

If you don’t know what type of pampering you should give your underarms, take inspiration from your facial routine: just cleanse and moisturize. 

Cleanse. Before anything else, properly cleansing your underarm area is very important. Do this by using a mild but hardworking anti-bacterial soap or cleanser. Every so often, you may want to use an exfoliating cleanser to get rid of the dead skin that causes darkening. Keep in mind though, that less is more because too much scrubbing can lead to discoloration as well. Make sure to pat the area dry with a towel.

Moisturize. Hydration has immense benefits for your health. It can also help your underarms a huge deal. Counter dryness by moisturizing your underarms with a body lotion or butter. To save you a step, you can also use a deodorant with moisturizing properties.

But if you’re looking to whiten your underarms further, use a gentle moisturizing deo to prevent further darkening.

Dove Original Whitening Deo, which has ¼ moisturizing cream, can give you whiter underarms in just a few days. Makeup artist Sabs Hernandez put it to the test and documented a 25-day journey on her blog. To her surprise, there was already a noticeable difference by day 15. She recounted: “Two weeks later, you can see a lot of improvement on my underarms! It appears lighter and smoother. Some of the rough, thick lines are starting to smoothen out and lighten as well!”

At the end of Sab’s experiment, it was obvious that the moisturizing deo helped heal her underarms from the trauma of daily shaving. “I love that most of the lines are smoother now, and the bumps from ingrown hair have also subsided! Pigmentation is also lighter, it no longer looks dirty!” Sab added.

The next time you find yourself overlooking your underarms again, remember that a regimen focused on it is just as important as your weekly mani-pedi or monthly hair treatment. Adding a few extra steps to your daily routine won’t only give you smoother underarms, but will also provide that extra boost of confidence you get from a good pampering. — Rappler.com 

Did you know that there is also a deodorant that cares for your underarms the way it cares for your face? Get more beautiful underarms when you use Dove Ultimate White with face care ingredients. To learn more about Dove Ultimate White and Dove Original Whitening Deo, visit the Dove Philippines Facebook Page.

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