From zero to hero: When YouTube creators dominate the scene

Wyatt Ong
From zero to hero: When YouTube creators dominate the scene
Owning your identity through online videos can get you far. Here are YouTubers who prove it’s possible

MANILA, Philippines – For humans, self-expression is constant. What’s always changing are the ways with which we express ourselves.

We’ve come a long way from expressing our thoughts and emotions with our hands through writing and creating art, or with our mouths as we speak before an audience. Various technological advancements have been made between then and now, and nowadays the sight of a person speaking before a camera with no one else around them would hardly earn curious second looks.

Welcome to the age of “YouTubers.”

As the name implies, they are the denizens of YouTube – arguably the leading video platform now – and they encompass different types of creators such as independent and mainstream musicians, vloggers, comedians, actors, dancers, animators, gamers, hosts, and so much more.

With a camera, a decent Internet connection, a cool topic, and the right attitude, anyone can become YouTube stars in their own right. (READ: 5 things you’ll need to be a YouTube sensation

For a lucky handful, though, fame actually translates to earning cash, with a bulk of it generated from advertisements. Gamer PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg in real life, is currently the highest paid YouTuber with an astounding $12 million in total earnings, followed by comedy duos Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) and The Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi Fine) tied at an $8.5 million. Performer Lindsey Stirling, who dances as she plays the violin, rounds up the top three with $6 million.

Now, doesn’t this inspire you to take over YouTube and put your own spin on video content creation, too? But before you do, take the time to know more about the craft and have a look at these 5 amazing vlogging facts! –

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