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Conversation: How do you #DefineSuccess?
Conversation: How do you #DefineSuccess?
Here's how people #DefineSuccess these days

MANILA, Philippines – There is no single way to define success.

Some base it on how much they earn. Others associate success with fulfillment in their job. Some even gauge it by how many followers they have on social media.

Career-wise, some may believe that one is successful when they have their own corner office, leading a team and earning a respectable income to help support their lifestyle. Others may think that success is living out your passion and not having to feel like you work a single day in your life.

And there also those who simply describe success as achieving something at a certain age. If they reach a set of goals – no matter how small – this is their own success story.

But through the years, people’s perspectives on what success is have changed. Today’s generation may see success as how happy they are with their career or relationships rather than basing it on material possessions. They feel fulfilled when they reach personal goals that they set themselves. (READ: Why success’ means different things to different people)

But no matter how grand or simple a feat is, success always comes with that sense of achievement when you do something well.

How do you define success in your life? How do you work towards it, and how do you celebrate it?

Read on to find out how people these days ##DefineSuccess. – 

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