#FlowYourBest: New habits to help you stay positive in 2017

Danna Peña
#FlowYourBest: New habits to help you stay positive in 2017
Let these 11 daily mantras inspire you to have a smooth-flowing year ahead

MANILA, Philippines Want to conquer 2017?

Have a more positive outlook in life.

How can you stay upbeat in trying moments? There are some short-term fixes: take deep breaths for a calmer disposition, drink some water to feel better, or sweat the bad vibes away through exercising.

But to maintain positivity throughout the year, you have to learn to make the right choices and to build habits that will allow you to be better.

You can follow these 11 mantras. Stick to these statements to stay motivated and to flow your best all throughout next year.

Be more optimistic: Always count your blessings

If things aren’t going your way, it doesn’t hurt to choose to be positive. After a rough patch, remember that things can only get better. Everything happens for a reason and turns out right in the end, so stay optimistic and keep your cool!

Keep a positive disposition by asking yourself, “How can this situation be more worse?” and you’ll be surprised by how blessed you are for things turning out the way they did.

Focus on your priorities: Say no to anything that makes you feel bad 

The trick to getting things done and achieving goals is to stay focused. And to stay focused, you must choose to say no to things that won’t help you achieve your goals. Your time is precious, so don’t spend it on petty, insignificant matters that will consume you.

Do you find yourself doing things that end up making you feel bad or unproductive? You can always opt not to do them. Love and prioritize yourself, because if you won’t, who else will?

Be more forgiving to your self: Face everything minute by minute 

Laugh off your mistakes, go with the flow and move on. Give yourself time to heal from setbacks, and push yourself to do better next time. What’s important is you choose to forgive yourself and fall back into your groove. Forgive others, too.

Ever get stuck on dwelling on the past? Focus on and facing life minute per minute. Instead of brooding on what could have been, commit to action steps that will make you feel good, happy, and productive.

Never stop learning: Turn mistakes into life lessons 

Facing uncertainty in life with things that don’t seem to be working? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead of worrying or wallowing in self-pity, push yourself to shake it off, get up, and move forward. Choose to learn and grow, accept any failures, and come out ultimately stronger and wiser in the end.

If you’re attached to a certain belief or mindset, work on not being too attached to thinking you are always right. Learn, unlearn, and adapt in order to thrive.

Be kinder: Remind yourself that everyone is fighting a hard battle

Choose to be human: be compassionate, understanding, and open-minded. Be good to yourself by eating and drinking safe water, be good to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and be good to others by being sympathetic.

Experiencing a fall-out with friends or dealing with difficult workmates? Don’t fight fire with fire. Be unconditionally kind who knows, maybe all they need is a kind ear and a friendly shoulder.

Follow your heart: Keep in mind that you are unlike anyone else 

Mind in one place, but heart in another? Find that perfect balance and choose to follow your gut. Chances are, if you can’t stop thinking of something, it must mean something important to you. So whatever your heart is telling you, just go for it!

No one is holding you back from doing what you want to do except you. Realize how insignificant others’ opinions of you are and how much freedom you actually have. Make the most out of being alive by simply doing what you love to do!

Explore more: Know that there’s more out there to experience

Take a walk outside, immerse yourself in nature once in a while, or simply explore new places. Whenever you’re down, remember that there are amazing people you’ve yet to meet, moments you’ve yet to experience, and sights you’ve yet to see. Choose to see the possibilities outside of your comfort zone and do new things!

Keep moving: If you feel unsettled about something, do something about it! 

Can’t seem to finish what you’ve started? Feeling stuck in a rut? The solution is simple: choose to try, and get working. As what Walter Anderson once said, “Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

It’s pointless to let anxiety overcome you instead of picking yourself back up on your feet. Know that you are strong, that you can try and try again, and ultimately accomplish more than you expected yourself to.


Challenge your limits and capabilities: Try new activities in 2017

When was the last time you did something different from your usual routine? Choose challenge, even when it seems daunting. Don’t be hesitant to experience new things just because it’s not what’s expected of you. Always dream for bigger and better.

Why not challenge your self by learning a new language or a new skill? Who knows, you might actually find a new passion.

Nurture your support group: Cherish genuine relationships

Are you spending time with people who can make you feel good? In 2017, choose friends who you can be your true self with. Through good times and bad, keep your real friends close because they’ll have your back through the lowest of your times – and for sure, you’d be willing to do the same for them.

Give back to those who have been good to you. Be thoughtful, be trustworthy, and be kind to them. Genuine friendships are some of the most beautiful things in life, so why not give your all in nurturing them?

Stick to your roots: Always look back to where you started 

Wherever life takes you, choose to be pure. Keep your feet on the ground and your ego intact. No matter how many accomplishments you may achieve in 2017, always remember to stay humble and thankful because you did not do it alone.

Use a planner to jot down your goals and dreams in 2017. Whenever you see yourself straying from what really matters, look back on what you’ve written down remember what made you start doing what you’re doing.

What other positive choices will you commit to make next year? How will you empower yourself to take up these better habits? Share these with us.

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