9 things that make your body unique

9 things that make your body unique
Have you ever appreciated the small, special things that make you beautiful in your own way?

MANILA, Philippines – A pair of dark brown eyes, c-shaped ears, and pouty, rosy lips  – how many Filipinas would actually fit that description? Quite a lot. 

Among a population of 7.5 billion people, it’s hard to imagine how one can be unique in all the world. But put two faces together, and you’ll find that the difference lies in the details: just as no two people have identical fingertips, every person also has a unique set of lips, ears, and eyes. No two people walk or sound the same, too.

From head to toe, learn to embrace what you’ve got, because it makes you beautiful in your own way. 

Check out this infographic to learn more. – Rappler.com


The human body an amazing thing. It’s not just your body that makes you unique. Your experiences and stories count, too.

Your body is shaped, molded, and marked by what you’ve been through since the day you were born. Take your skin for example – as it protects your body, it’s tanned by the hours you’ve spent under the sun and stretches and folds with every expression.

Your body is the outward expression of your uniqueness as a person, so embrace it for all its quirks and differences. And most of all, take care of it, because as you probably know by now, it’s uniquely yours!  – Rappler.com

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