How to stay on track with your ultimate beauty goals

Nikki Natividad
How to stay on track with your ultimate beauty goals
Feeling good, looking good is a constant process

MANILA, Philippines — Did you make any beauty resolutions this year?

If you did but you’ve already broken them, don’t be discouraged. Feeling good and looking good is a constant process!

Beauty goals aren’t just skin deep. They remind you that when it comes to taking better care of yourself and your body, there’s always room for improvement.

When you work on achieving your ultimate beauty goals, you take charge of how you perceive your body. You address your insecurities and work towards the version of yourself you’ve always aspired to be. In the long run, that’s empowering. 

It’s also easier said than done, but not impossible. Don’t expect drastic results right away. When it comes to your body and appearance, change takes time and effort.

Make the rest of this year all about realizing your ultimate beauty potential. Here are some examples of beauty goals you can take on, along with tips on how to achieve them.

1. Find your signature look 

Have you ever had one of those days at the office where you felt so uncomfortable with your choice of makeup or dress, that it starts to get in the way of your work?

The easy solution is to go ahead and experiment with different looks. Then stick to the one that makes you feel strong and in charge!

Once you find your signature look, whether it be an outfit combination or a killer shade of lipstick, you can always find the confidence to work your best. 

2. Set a healthy weight and size goal

You’re beautiful no matter what shape or size you are. That said, aspiring for a healthy weight goal can do wonders in improving how you move and how your body feels. This is achievable through proper diet and exercise.

Consult with your doctor before gunning for a drastic transformation. If you are too ambitious and unfair with your target, you’re more likely to scrap this beauty resolution.

Not sure how to achieve this? Start with baby steps: maybe cut out soft drinks and junk food from your diet, and start walking to the nearest restaurants instead of getting it delivered to your office.

3. Take better care of your body

This is a beauty resolution that everyone should abide by. Pay attention to what your body needs, whether it’s drinking more water, exercising more often, or sticking to a simple beauty regimen.

You can customize more beauty resolutions by targeting your personal insecurities and creating an action plan to address them.

For example, many women are insecure about their underarms – that they’re too dark, dry, or rough. It might sound silly, but it can be a major source of insecurity. Even more so if it seems like nothing can be done about it.

To those who worry about this: acknowledge that your underarms are affecting your confidence. Then make small but significant changes in your routine to do something about it. For example, you can switch to a moisturizing and whitening deodorant like Dove Ultimate White deo. 

If something about yourself causes you grief or insecurity, action is always better than resigned acceptance. Improvements might not be obvious right away, but keep in mind that if you persevere, change is inevitable. —

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