Why you should never settle for simply getting things done

Krista Garcia
Why you should never settle for simply getting things done
We all have a calling to pursue a life beyond ourselves. How will you create your own modern legacy?

MANILA, Philippines – If you could be remembered for doing one meaningful thing every day, what would it be?

Whatever you thought about, it’s probably not taking a selfie.

Often, we equate legacies with groundbreaking movements or ideas – things that seemingly take so much more time and effort than posing with a winning smile.

But who says selfies can’t be used to create a legacy?

Take Angely Dub for example. She’s the one-woman powerhouse behind Access Travel – through her agency, she has brought many Filipinos to breathtaking destinations such as Morocco, Paris, Bhutan and Iceland. On her personal Instagram page, she uses her self-portraits to document her own perspective of each trip.


But Angely’s selfies don’t just show off where she’s been, what she wore, or who she’s worked with. If you look closer, her captions actually offset the majestic feel of her photos. She’s talking about working long hours. She’s talking about her nervousness in starting a new project. She’s saying, in fact, that nothing great comes easy in her life as a businesswoman.


And this is what makes Angely not just our #feedgoals, but #lifegoals: she’s not just a woman who enjoys traveling the world. She’s a hardworking entrepreneur who inspires us to pursue our own passion every single day.

With every trip, video, and post, she’s inspiring her followers to explore beyond their comfort zones. To create their own adventures, no matter what their circumstances are.

This is how modern legacies are made.

Create your legacy, in real time

You don’t need to be of a certain age, be a billionaire, or even be an online influencer to make your mark in this world. Like Angely, you simply need to make every single day count.

How can you start creating your own legacy?

Be committed to doing one meaningful thing every day. Even if it’s just to make yourself better.

Whatever your passion is, pursue it relentlessly. Don’t give up when challenges turn up at the road. Focus on your goal and rest if you need to. But don’t turn back.

What are you passionate about? Your daily pursuit of it can be your legacy.

Find purpose even in small, daily things. These will add up to something big and those around you will feel it. A photo that you share online can make someone smile or encourage them to visit a new place. Your dedication at work can influence your colleagues to complete their projects well. The free time you spend volunteering for a cause can be the highlight of a person’s week.

With every act, you’re actually building your legacy in real time.

In the end, people will not always remember your awards, power, or wealth. Instead, they’ll remember you for how you moved their lives, even in the simplest of ways.

We all have a calling to pursue a life beyond ourselves. To leave this world a little better than how we found it.

So don’t settle for simply getting things done every day. You can do better than that.

It doesn’t take much to make every moment count. Start today. Rappler.com

To add to your daily dose of inspiration, check out this video on how you can create legacies.

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