How to detoxify your life
How to detoxify your life
Is life being too hard on you? Maybe it’s time to detoxify

MANILA, Philippines – How do you feel about your life right now?

Are you struggling to get through every day? Does it feel like work never stops? Or do you feel like you’re wasting away your life every time you’re trying to book a Grab or waiting in line to ride the van, bus, MRT?

A lot of things can make you feel stressed especially if you’re living in the 10th most stressful city in the world. And when you’re stressed, you tend to make rash decisions like quitting your job, for example, or spending a month’s worth of salary on clothes and shoes.

But it doesn’t have to lead to that. You don’t have to suddenly be jobless or penniless every time you feel stressed. It can be as simple as organizing your closet or bookshelf and start giving away those you don’t need or want anymore. Studies show that when your environment is clean, you tend to do and say the right things.

So, cleaning and putting away excess things is an effective way to detoxify your life. Here’s how to start doing it:

Computer desktop

Are you the type of person who puts every file on the desktop so you don’t forget where it is? Then your screen is probably so full of these icons, you don’t really know where that important Powerpoint presentation is anymore.

Try sorting them into folders with proper labels. Choose a nice wallpaper that you wouldn’t want those pesky files to cover. Better yet, take a few minutes to delete files you’re no longer using. Your desktop won’t only look cleaner, you’ll also get additional computer space.

Facebook friends list

Are you annoyed by the endless selfies that a friend keeps on posting? Or do you have friends whose opinions you don’t agree with? Seeing these on your newsfeed can add unnecessary stress to an otherwise good day.

So, do yourself a favor and unfollow – if you think unfriending would be too rude – these people. That way, you won’t see their posts on your feed anymore but you can keep them in your friends list. You can always go to their profiles if you need to!

Makeup kit

When was the last time you checked up on the contents of your makeup kit? If you can’t remember anymore, now is the time to do it. These things have expiration dates that you should be aware of, too. Items like lipsticks and concealers can be kept for as long as over a year but mascaras and eyeliners should be thrown away after just three months.

Make it a habit to check which items you need to dispose of every time you have to clean your brushes – that’s every week by the way, in case you haven’t washed yours for months.


If you’re a booklover, then that means you never miss a book fair or sale. And your bookshelf is probably already bursting with new books.

Make space for all the new ones you know you’re still buying by donating some of the books you didn’t really like or have no plans of reading again to book drives or to public schools. Helping others can give you an instant happiness boost.    


Does fixing your closet feel too burdensome to do? That probably means you have way too much clothes already. Maybe it’s time to let go of that sweater you haven’t worn in two years or that suede vest that’s gone out of fashion.

You can either sell these clothes online and earn extra bucks or better yet, donate these to those who are in need. Once your closet is free from the clothes you don’t like anymore, it’ll be easier to find those that you do.

Mind and body

There’s another, more important thing that needs cleansing – your mind and body.

You might have been feeding your mind and body with junk as well (remember that bag of chips and can of rootbeer you finished in one sitting last weekend?).

Too much junk food affects not just our physical health but as well as our mental well-being. Take a break from potato chips and soft drinks. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

The simple act of drinking clean water like Wilkins Pure can help cleanse your body toxins away and boost your energy.

So, the next time you feel like life is being too hard on you, don’t resort to making decisions you might regret later on. First, cleanse and detoxify. –

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