The best defense against viruses? More than face masks, a balanced immune system

Immunomodulator. It’s a mouthful but it’s defined simply as a substance that affects the functioning of the immune system – in a good way. Its task is to regulate or normalize the immune system so it’s neither weak nor overactive. 

How does it affect you exactly?

Your immune system acts as your body’s security guard. It keeps your body’s doors closed to germs and viruses. It protects you from infections and illnesses. 

When your immune system is weak, it means that you are more vulnerable to illnesses like fever, cough, and colds. It may seem like your common everyday sickness but these can sometimes lead to something worse like pneumonia. You can also become immunodeficient which means that the necessary elements also known as immunomodulators in your immune system that are needed to protect you from diseases like cancer are missing in action. This is a serious condition.

On the other hand, an overactive immune system isn’t good news either. While a weak immune system is unable to protect the body from foreign elements, an overactive immune system is an overthinker. It reacts to almost anything – even if it’s completely harmless – that surrounds your body. This is the reason why some people are allergic to certain kinds of food, are always sneezing, or develop skin allergies easily. 

That’s why as in most things, we should find a healthy middle. How do we make sure we have a balanced immune system? 

When you think of it, these are fairly simple ways to make sure we’re protected from diseases and are not sensitive to allergies: eat a healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, avoid too much stress, don’t smoke, drink less alcohol, and always wash your hands. 

There are also supplements that contain essential natural immunomodulators like CM-Glucan, a form of beta-glucan that was processed to make it more soluble and readily absorbable by the body without losing its properties.

Some studies have shown that Beta-Glucan contributes to keeping the body’s immune system balanced and healthy so it can fight harmful diseases. When you supplement with a CM-Glucan immunomodulator, it boosts your body’s resistance to viral, bacterial, protozoan, and fungal infections. It also helps fight asthma, allergic rhinitis, and cancer. 

With different kinds of viruses cropping up, a balanced immune system is more important now than ever. No matter how hard we try to avoid germs and bacteria by staying indoors or wearing masks everywhere we go, a healthy immune system is our most effective, if not only, defense. – 

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ASC Reference Code: I104N062520IS


Immunomax is made with pure CM-Glucan, a natural immunomodulator. Available in syrup variants for kids and capsule variants for teens and adults.

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