How to celebrate small successes on the job

MANILA, Philippines – At work, it’s the small successes that feel so good, you may just do a little happy dance. It can be something as simple as getting the photocopying machine to work, or getting your draft approved on the first pass.

When the moment calls for it, don’t hesitate to reward yourself. This can come in many forms like enjoying lunch without your laptop in front of you, getting a short pamper sesh after work, or upgrading your cell phone.

Those who are on their first job would usually wait for their first paycheck before they reward themselves. But even if you’re on your second or seventh year at work, it’s always important to take note of your simple achievements or progress at work. Your rewards can actually keep you motivated and help you be more productive.

What meaningful rewards should you go for? Get inspired by these 20-somethings. From quiet time once a week to buying a watch, they know what they deserve.

My current occupation is also my first job so there was a lot of adjusting involved - I remember buying myself small treats such as cookies whenever I got something right just to curb my anxiety. Now, almost three years later, the expectation, demands (and personal rewards) have grown. Depending on how big the achievement was unlocked, the rewards range from a dinner out with friends, an evening of carefree gaming, or retail therapy! – Mara, Graphic Designer

After I successfully finished my first big project, the first thing I did was sleep in, then I ordered an entire pizza for myself and “marathon-ed” my favorite movies.Fatima, Social Media Producer

I opened an investment account after my first year at my first job.Kaye, Social Media Producer

Last Christmas after surviving through to my first holiday season with my very first job, I bought a watch (Seiko Orange Monster, Gen 2). But it was a watch that I had wanted for a long time so I used part of my first-ever 13th month pay to buy it. So whenever I look at my wrist to check the time I remember the reason why I got it, how I felt during that time, and the hard work it took to pay for it. – Jason, Content Writer

I deal with a lot of people for work so alone time is sacred. I try to allot one full day every week to recharge, and my choice of activities vary – from the adrenaline-pumping like running and swimming to the borderline ridiculous like rearranging my closet and fawning over my cat.Marga, Producer

Do it because you deserve it

Rewarding yourself can also be geared towards comfort or practicality – like booking an Uber to head home instead of going through the daily commute for one day or even upgrading your mobile plan so you can stay connected better.

If you’re just on your first job and starting to earn your own keep, it’s a good idea to reward yourself by upgrading to a postpaid plan. For example, a plan that costs P599 a month already includes a gadget bundle like the Samsung J1 Mini and Samsung Tab 3V, unlimited calls and text to the same network, texts to different networks, and 400MB mobile Internet.

What are some things you do to reward yourself? Share it with us in the comments section below. –

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