Eco-friendly alternatives to menstrual pads and tampons

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MANILA, Philippines — Championing environmental sustainability has now become something of a trend — but hopefully, it’s one that lasts.

In our quest to contribute to a more sustainable living with even the little things, we refuse plastics in lieu of eco bags, and trade plastic straws for metal ones.

You can also turn to eco-friendly alternatives during your monthly period. Try to give your sanitary pads and tampons a break — while they’re definitely convenient, they just end up in landfills. They also contain potentially dangerous chemicals from plastic and fragrances.

Read on for eco-friendly options to try!

Menstrual cups

Say what?! These soft cups fit inside the vagina and collect your menstrual flow. Once you get the hang of them, these can last leak-free for a whole day without changing. Just wash and reuse.

Reusable pads

If cups sound too much for you, organic menstrual pads are also available. Don’t worry, these are usually built with a leak-proof layer. They come in cute patterns too!

Period panties

Since they’re made with absorbent, stain-resistant, liners, period panties are less bulky. They’re super comfy — it’s like having a pad built into your underwear!

Of course, these can take some getting used to. Try them out first when you’re just staying at home to make the transition easier.

This may just be a simple step towards helping the environment, but every bit counts! —