Head and Shoulders introduces refill pouches made with 50% less plastic vs bottles

Editor’s note: This article was written with Head and Shoulders. 

Consumers nowadays are on the lookout for more sustainable options when it comes to which brands or products they like to support. From bringing reusable bags when grocery shopping to looking for ways to reduce their plastic consumption. Simply being a great product is no longer enough. 

Procter & Gamble recognizes this so they’re taking the steps to embrace this more sustainable way of shopping. One of the ultimate goals is to contribute to reducing post-consumer waste and enabling responsible consumer habits. That’s why by 2030, P&G’s ambition is to make 100% of their packaging recyclable or reusable and cut the use of virgin plastic by 50%. 

In the spirit of helping save the environment and reduce waste from daily necessities to drive sustainability, Head & Shoulders Philippines has introduced new refill pouches for its variants Cool Menthol and Smooth & Silky as part of the brand’s lineup of shampoo offerings.

P&G, the mother company of Head & Shoulders, estimates that its refill pouches use 50% less plastic (per mL versus the brand’s standard 330Ml bottle). The refills may be used to fill up emptied Head & Shoulders bottles, or could be used on its own thanks to its resealable cap.

 On top of the more sustainable option, you can also get more value for money as the refills have 30 ml more than the 450 ml pump. Head & Shoulders supports the call for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options, as its contribution in helping save the planet. 

This is just one of the many steps that P&G is taking towards a more sustainable product line and business model by 2030.

P&G Philippines Cabuyao plant has already reduced more than 80% of greenhouse gases, way ahead of the brand’s global target by using 100% renewable electricity coming from solar and wind sources. The plant also recycles over 300 metric tons of plastic waste every year, and all their manufacturing plastic waste is recovered and processed for upcycling. P&G is also looking into decreasing water consumption in some products as part of this agenda.

 “Head & Shoulders supports the call for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly options through this initiative as a contribution in helping save the planet and being a positive force for beauty in the world,” said Justine Nuque, Brand Director for Total Beauty Care – Hair. 

This way, you can keep your hair and scalp 100% dandruff-free and itch-free and help save the environment, too. Head & Shoulders’ mas pinabangong formula is clinically proven to help fight and protect scalp against germs that cause dandruff. 

The next time you’re shopping for toiletries, try the new Head & Shoulders refill pouches. Visit Head & Shoulders’ official Shopee store. – Rappler.com

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