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Back pain? Even Piolo Pascual experiences it

Back pain? Even Piolo Pascual experiences it
Your neck, shoulder, and back pain may be more common than you think

It’s hard to imagine the celebrities we know experiencing the same kind of struggles that we do. When we see Piolo Pascual, who’s known for his healthy and active lifestyle, we would never think that he suffers from body pains. But apparently, he does.

His neck, shoulder, and back pains flare up when he’s stressed out, whether he’s standing up or sitting down. You can only imagine how the rest of his day goes.

Back pain is so common, you even see it on memes. You hear everyone complain about it, from family members to friends to workmates, and even someone​ as young as a college student.

It’s because lower back pain doesn’t discriminate, whether you’re young or old, ​doing heavy labor or not​. Back pain can target those who operate heavy machinery, those who do dynamic physical work like carpenters, and office workers who spend their days at their desks. That’s why even for Piolo, back pain can hit when he’s being active or enjoying a day-off.

It gets especially tricky now that we’re working from home and living a more sedentary lifestyle. We are being constantly reminded to ​exercise​ regularly for the sake of our physical and mental well-being, but how can we do that if we’re suffering from body pains?

Most of us, like Piolo, would take painkillers to help ease the pain. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not just your muscles that are particularly painful. Recurring pain means that you may also have nerve damage.

Back pain with nerve damage isn’t as rare as you’d think. Just ask your parents and friends. Even a quick web search will tell you that nerve damage sounds scarier than it is. Still, it’s not something we always think to address.

To lessen the pain​, we often do yoga stretches, change sleep positions, and even make big lifestyle and ​workstyle changes​. But sometimes, these aren’t enough, especially when we’re stressed. Sometimes, ironically, ​it’s the pain that stresses us out​.

Part of relieving your pain is understanding its root cause and going from there.

The good news is that there’s a readily accessible medicine specifically formulated to address this problem – and Piolo swears by it. Paracetamol + Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Dolo-Neurobion) has paracetamol to relieve muscle pain and B vitamins to support nerve regeneration. It targets back, neck, shoulder-arm, and even post-surgery pain.

With Paracetamol + Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Dolo-Neurobion) as his trustworthy ally in relieving muscle pain with nerve damage, Piolo can now enjoy more dynamic activities like badminton and other sports without worrying about his back.

Don’t let pain stop you from being your best every day. If he can beat back pain, so can you.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. ​–