5 reasons why you’ll achieve more when you’re confident at work

Maybe that’s the reason why most of us still struggle with confidence now that we’re older and have our own jobs – we’re not comfortable with vulnerability. It’s tricky because confidence is built on choices and accomplishments that make us feel fulfilled, happy, and proud of who we are. But while it’s hard, being confident is important because it will make us achieve more and therefore be successful at work. 

Here are reasons why:

You'll be assertive

Did someone offend you at work? Instead of sulking at your desk – which drains your productivity – why not approach the person to resolve the issue? No, you’re not being arrogant, you just believe that what you’re doing is right and you’re just there to provide solutions to problems.

You'll not be afraid of changes

When you’re confident you’ll face any sudden changes head on and with the right mindset. You don’t automatically assume that things will fail. Your department just hired a new boss? Assigned to a big project? You’ll be excited and therefore be able to come up with ideas that will not only keep things running but also improve it.

You'll still perform well even when under stress

When tasks keep on piling up and deadlines seem to be impossible to meet, it’s normal to feel stressed. It’s inevitable at work. Acknowledging that it’s a normal part of any career brings you one step ahead of others who shut down at the slightest stressful situation.

You'll be able to communicate more effectively

If your job entails coordination and dealing with a lot of people, being able to communicate effectively is crucial to your success. When you're confident, you’re more relaxed in social settings and meeting new people. This allows you to focus on getting the message across and avoid miscommunication.

You'll constantly aim for bigger roles

For fresh graduates, being given the chance to play a bigger role right away sounds intimidating. You’re thinking, no need to rush, right? I can just stay where I’m at first and see where it’ll go. But if you’re confident, you’ll constantly aim for bigger roles and in turn, learn better which will get you to your life goals faster.

Being confident is a long journey that requires a lot of work. Even celebrities like Asia’s Next Top Model 2017, Maureen Wroblewitz, feels this, too. She, along with other Filipinas shared their own #GandangWalangHiya stories, a campaign by Myra. #GandangWalangHiya aims to inspire women to be comfortable in their own skin and start owning the possibilities that life can bring once they start being confident. 

No matter the career industry you’re in, it’s important to look and feel confident. Step out of your comfort zone and start reaching for your dreams. – Rappler.com

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