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Filipinos join Safeguard’s #SafeWash movement against ‘pwede na’ handwashing

Filipinos join Safeguard’s #SafeWash movement against ‘pwede na’ handwashing
Here are 5 lessons we learned

Why do you wash your hands?

Do you do it to keep yourself safe and healthy? Are there any other benefits to washing your own hands? This question is what Safeguard tries to answer through its #SafeWash movement, an awareness campaign that highlights the practice of proper handwashing habits.

Here are some lessons we learned from the viral campaign: 

Be on the lookout for trolls who spread misinformation

Not every information you see online is correct. Online “influenzaaa” Fred D’ Germ swept the nation with its rap song entitled “Hugas Na Rin ‘Yan”, which lauded the improper handwashing habits practiced by Filipinos today. Fred D’ Germ was also active on social media, leaving comments on the accounts of local celebrities.

To stop him from spreading misinformation, Safeguard decided to beat the germ at his own game.

With the “Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day” event held on October 15, Safeguard gathered some of the country’s top rappers such as Loonie, Ron Henley, and Shehyee in an online rap battle against Fred D’ Germ, who enlisted the help of Shanti Dope. During the event, judge Gloc-9 pronounced Team Safeguard as the winner.

While keeping your hands clean is key…

The importance of clean hands is one that we are familiar with. The regular washing of hands with soap and water stops the spread of germs and bacteria, which lowers the risk of illnesses.

With this campaign, Safeguard emphasized how we can achieve truly clean hands.

… following proper handwashing habits is more important

Together with the online rap battle, the highlight of Safeguard’s online campaign is the mass education music video, which now has more than 10 million views.

Through its efforts, team Safeguard continues to stress that there are proper handwashing habits that must be followed to ensure a #SafeWash. 

Safeguard, in partnership with the Department of Health, continues to make Filipinos aware of the correct handwashing techniques: first, wet hands with clean, running water and apply soap. Lather the hands and rub them together with soap by cleaning thoroughly from the back of the hands, the palm, between the fingers, and under the nails. Scrub the hands for at least 20 seconds and not less. Then rinse the hands under clean and running water and finally dry the hands using a clean towel.

The #SafeWash campaign also identified the times when we must wash our hands. These include before eating, after coming from outside the house, after using the toilet, after eating, and after shaking someone’s hands.

Promoting the #SafeWash movement paves the way for a #SafePhilippines

Aside from washing your hands, how else can you ensure the safety of everyone in the country? You can do this by promoting the #SafeWash movement. 

As a testament to its importance in these uncertain times, the campaign has drawn millions of Filipinos to join the #SafeWash movement and choose Safeguard. As the number 1 trusted brand to remove 99.9% of germs and viruses, Filipinos have turned to this soap company to lead the charge in promoting proper handwashing in the country. 

Safeguard also talked about the #SafeWash movement at the recent Global Handwashing Day Symposium last October 16 organized by the Department of Health and UNICEF. Aside from discussing the #SafeWash movement, the brand also shared how Safeguard is partnering with institutions to provide access to hand washing facilities.

Safety is a collective responsibility

The most important lesson this movement teaches us is the necessity of collective responsibility when it comes to safety. 

The #SafeWash Movement starts with every Filipino in their own homes. By keeping their loved ones from practicing improper handwashing habits and sharing the proper techniques on their social media channels, each Filipino can help another person learn about proper handwashing techniques. 

But this cannot be done only by a group of people. Everyone must practice proper handwashing habits so that the virus cannot continue to spread. With this, we see that each person is an important part of the movement.

Through the #SafeWash movement, we all understand that the proper washing of your own hands does not just keep you safe and healthy. It also helps create a #SafePhilippines for all. –

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