Unexpected places where you can get UV damage

MANILA, Philippines – Once in a while, getting some sun is good for you.

However, we all know that sun exposure has consequences on our skin. The changing climate has increased the risk of our exposure to harmful UV radiation today.


Therefore, staying indoors or under a shade does not mean you are 100% protected from harmful UV rays.

Now, here are some more examples of unexpected places and situations where you can still be prone to skin darkening and UV damage.

While using your electronic devices

Did you know that just like the sun, gadgets and laptop screens also emit harmful electromagnetic radiation or EMR? The pulsing energy from digital screens can be as dangerous as UV rays. Prolonged exposure has been linked to several harmful diseases, including cancer.

To block EMR rays, use a laptop shield. Try to limit the use of your electronic devices. Though flat LCD screens generally emit less EMR compared to old computer monitors, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Staying beside windows

Even if your are indoors on a cloudy day, UV radiation can still reach you and darken your skin. Again, glass windows do not fully block UVA rays. Exposure to indirect sunlight does not mean your skin won't be susceptible to damage.

Indoor lights

One study shows that compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs may also cause skin damage. The amount of UV radiation it emits is attributed to how it is designed: its small diameter and compact design allows more UV light to escape. Standard fluorescent bulbs may emit a low amount of UV radiation, but it can contribute to cumulative UV damage on the skin.

Inside your car

Car windows do not fully protect you from UVA rays. Typically, windshields are laminated and tinted to block out UVA rays, but the side and rear windows are not. To prevent skin damage, have your car checked and make sure that all windows are covered with UV-protective film.

Protect and love your skin

If you put on heaps of sunblock during a beach trip, you should also consider staying protected on a normal day, even if you expect to stay mostly indoors. Experts recommend the daily use of sunscreen or skin care products with at least SPF 15, wearing clothing with SPF, and having windows tinted to block UVA rays. As an added precaution, stay away from sun as much as possible, especially when the sun’s rays are most damaging (typically from 10 am to 4 pm).

In order to help your skin retain its elasticity, moisture, and to keep it blemish free, the key is to take good care of it as a early as possible. It’s better to start being protected before it’s too late. – Rappler.com 

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