WATCH: How can moms keep up with ‘pamamanhid’ and ‘pangangalay’?

WATCH: How can moms keep up with ‘pamamanhid’ and ‘pangangalay’?
Being a busy mom means working with your hands a lot. Here is how Neurogen-E helps keep mom’s hands feeling steady and healthy.

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Here’s the truth – when you become a mother, you start working hard not just for yourself but your entire family. With that comes a load of expectations and of course a lot of joy and happiness too.

It’s important to keep up with life especially when you’re a busy mom working with your hands a lot. And experiences like pangangalay, pamamanhid, and prickling or tingling sensations can definitely slow you down.

In this video, we follow the WanderWoMom, Margaux Hemady, as she goes through her packed daily schedule – working a full-time job and constantly typing on her phone and laptop, cooking family meals, washing the dishes, helping her son Coco with his classes, managing the household, and creating content for her socials and blog.

We also get to see why Neurogen-E can help out moms like Margaux who relies on the steadiness of her hands to keep up with the daily grind. – Rappler.com