What to look for in a Vitamin-B complex supplement for your nerve health

What to look for in a Vitamin-B complex supplement for your nerve health
There are many brands of B-Complex in the market, which one should you choose?

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B-Complex Vitamins are essential nutrients that help keep our bodies and nerves healthy, especially as we grow older and experience lifestyle changes that can raise health concerns  such as nerve damage. 

It’s also important to know that our body needs the right levels of Vitamin-B complex to properly take care of our nerve health. It helps address symptoms that you might already be experiencing like pangangalay, tusok-tusok, and pamamanhid (muscle weakness, tingling, and numbness) which can be caused by different factors such as diabetes, B-Complex deficiency, aging, and injuries.

Now that you’re ready to start leveling up your Vitamin-B complex intake, the next question you probably have in mind is, how do I do that? Which Vitamin-B complex supplement should I take?

One thing you should know is that not all B-Complex Vitamin brands are created equal. There are actually different levels of B-vitamins in the brands available in the market – and not all can offer the right levels that your body needs. But Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) promises to give you more than what you pay for versus other leading B-Complex brands in the market. Let us count the ways:

  • First, Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) contains 5x more Vitamin B12 than other leading B-Complex brands, which plays a vital role in the growth and function of various cells, particularly in repairing the myelin sheath (outer covering of our nerves) from damage, along with proper diet and exercise. As Vitamin B12 deficiency is an identified cause of nerve damage, do you know that during the nerve repair process, the body will consequently need higher levels of Vitamin B12 (vs. RENI)? Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) offers 1000 mcg (or 1mg) of Vitamin B12, which based on some studies, is the recommended level to address B12 deficiency that may cause nerve damage symptoms of pangangalay, tusok-tusok, and pamamanhid. This is especially true among elders, diabetics, and those with compromised lifestyle and diets. Therefore, it is always important to check the levels of your B-Complex vitamins to see if you get the recommended treatment while maintaining a well-rounded routine. Since the body cannot produce vitamin B, you need to make sure that you supplement daily.
  • Second, it has the unique combination of Vitamin B1 + B12 + B6 and Vitamin E accessible to consumers without the need for a prescription. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps protect the nerves from further damage. It’s good to note that Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) is the only non-prescription nerve supplement in the market that has a combination of both B-complex and Vitamin E.
  • Third, Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) offers better value for your money at only P14 SRP per capsule. One can get more at a more affordable price because it has 5x more Vitamin B12 versus leading B-Complex brands, allowing you to get more B-Complex. It also includes Vitamin E, which other OTC brands in the market do not offer. 

As with all vitamins, taking Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) should be coupled with enough sleep, regular exercise, and proper diet, to be able to take optimum care of your nerve health

Why should you care about your nerve health? Not taking care of it will greatly affect the functions of your hands and feet. So if you love activities like cooking, drawing, gardening, dancing, and other things that require steady hands and feet, your nerve health should be a priority.

Starting earlier with keeping your nerves healthy also helps you avoid more serious symptoms later on like extreme nerve pain, and muscle weakness. For those who have had accidents, are experiencing symptoms of diabetes, or overusing their hands from work, you may also consult a doctor to keep your nerves in check.

So, if you want to live a good quality of life, start taking care of your nerve health today. – Rappler.com

Multivitamins (Neurogen-E) is available in all drug stores nationwide.  You can also order from Shopee or Lazada.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
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Neurogen-E is a Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin E supplement which helps repair damaged nerves and protect it from further degeneration, along with proper diet and exercise. It has 5x More Vitamin B12 vs. other leading B-Complex brands, and has the unique combination of Vitamin E to help fight symptoms of ngalay, tusok-tusok, and manhid.